my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 10

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

This is absolutely true. And its somehow not obvious even tho it sounds very obvious.

Since i am trying to make my fitness routine as fun as possible by only doing excercises i like its way easier to stick.

A way to make this long breathing reboot more fun for me is actually writing this journal and researching a lot about out brain and addicitons. This knowledge is not useless. In fact it can be applied to many more aspects to make life better.

I would have never started immediate fasting without this journey. And its working wonder for me. I dont even feel hungry all the time.


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Day 12

A video that really inspired me already long time ago that i want to share is from a normal guy in Murica that is in his 50s and was able to go from Fat to Six Pack in 1 year:

When someone that works full time, is around 50 year old can make such an immense change in 1 year naturally.

I think changing/healing our brains being even younger is also 100% possible.

Its not easy and it takes shit ton of wilpower/dedication etc. But its f-ing worth it.


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Day 18

Tough night behind me. Urges were present + bad sleep.

Whenever i woke up my whole bed was completely sweated.

Alcohol is really bad for me. I need to minimize it to a maximum for the next couple of weeks/months.

This addiction is a real fight. But i will not loose/give up.

Lets keep moving.


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Day 20

i deleted dating apps. its actually no much difference than porn. constant novelty. too many women that design their profile like a soft porn.

What i realized is how sexualiced our world is.

Just went to the gym and opened the clothing locker and in the locker door was a advertisement for an extremely sexual movie series with nearly naked women. WTF

its like this shit is chasing you everywere ones you truly want to give your brain a rest.

Same goes with junk food.

Its insane how the world completely hijacks our cave man brains natural seekings with these hyper stimuli that are now everywhere.

Our today world completely shifted from focusing all energy on geting the rare high caloric food and sex options to being constantly aware and looking for protection from the overstimuli.

We porn addicts are like really really obese from fast food. Only that we became obese in our brain and never realized it until the health issues came in.

We want now to hit the gym once and its gone but same for obesity by junk food its a long and slow process.

Same it is also different for anyone. Some getting there fast some getting there slow. Some are more obese some are less. In the end we can all make it (nothing against obese people by the way its jsut the very similiar comparison of hyper natural stimuli on our natural seekings in this modern world)

have a great day my friends


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Day 21

Going Strong. This time it feels different. I know this doesnt mean anything. Time will tell. But last relapse was like the true wake up call when it not only comes to rejecting porn but also rejecting my induced fetish.

Lets carry on brothers


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Day 23

I was thinking. Since im currently wired my brain to my P induced fetish the only instance in which I cant escape it are wet dreams. They happen for me once every 1 or 2 month. Since my brain is only used to my porn sexuality it automatically thinks about my fetish when wet dreaming. Wet dreams need to happen since body needs to loose old semen.

I am thinking about following tactic:

In order to prevent natural wet dreams i choose 1 day in the month in which i mastuarbate but in a natural way. Only thinking about the rare natural instances i had or about nothing and just focusing on sensation. This way i prevent wet dreams since im removing excess semen and im also preventing my brain from lighting up the toxic brain wires with natural wet dreams.

I will think about this the next days and decide within the next days.


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Day 24

Was partying yesterday. Multiple girls that were noticing me and that were interested.

Why does this feel a billion times more satisfiying than any P session i ever had?

P is Pest.

lets move on homies