Lets Go


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DAY 6 of no PMO so far. I had reached 90days before and relapsed after hitting the goal. this time, i'm not setting a goal, this is for life.

I'm creating this thread to give me some sort of accountability partner.

I havent really had the urge to relapse yet.

I'm using the method from atomic habits to remove the bad habit.

So far no urges, excited to regain my energy and time to do other things in life. especially getting rid of the brain fog.


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Day 8 no PMO

removing myself from the environment I would most likely act on any urges.

focusing on the positive life I gain from not doing it, feel so much more productive already, wanting to do stuff with my evenings.

also making the idea of it unattractive, thinking of all the regret I would feel from it and the negative effects I would get afterwards.
feeling great at the moment