Enough is enough

I never wanted to look at porn. When I was a kid (I don't remember how old, probably around 5th or 6th grade) I was riding the bus to school when some kid (who was a couple years younger than me) took a nude magazine and was showing it to other kids on the bus. I didn't even know what he was doing, he just walked up and put it in front of me, I looked away immediately but it wasn't before I saw what was on the page. That was the beginning of a long, hated, battle with porn.

I'm 34 now, and I have had enough of porn in my life, that's why I joined this group. I've been reading the posts on this forum and have been encouraged by what others have written. I think for me to really take quitting seriously, I have to be public about it, have some accountability, so that's why I'm here. I'll share more of my story in the days ahead, but for me just taking this first step of writing publicly about this is a pretty big deal for me. So today I'll keep it brief.

I'm on day 5 of no PMO
The addictions can be very strong but with this group I have had a lot of help and support and reading the thread of lots of people have been extremely helpful. Just keep writing a journal on this site and you will notice changes in yourself, people around you and feel so much better.


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day 132

@Ezel thanks man - will do! I've been keeping up with your story - 11 days out of 365 is really good! Also I read that you envy a lot of the guys that have a wife and can release their sexual energy... Definitely understandable to feel that way - however, I wish that I had been able to quit porn before marrying. I waited for sex until marriage and I thought sex/marriage would "cure" me of porn... well I was wrong, and that meant hiding a secret from my wife for years and that guilt was awful. For the first time in my marriage I finally feel like I'm actually here for my wife. You'll be better off quitting porn and then getting married - be the man you know you should be and then marriage will be so much easier. All the best to you.

@Blondie thank you! congratulations on 500 days today - that's a huge milestone!


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Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Trish Leigh's rewire program? She talks about how it's not enough to stop watching porn but you have to rewire your brain... she also mentions some sort of gismo that you wear on your head for this to do some sort of mental exercise.

she talks about it in this video: