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No problem, we all have gone through it numerous of times. Try not to get into a binge spiral though, you get back on track when you feel you’re ready.
Thank you, @CB
I´ve tried to keep it at a minimum. Times have been very stressy at work, having almost no free time. My girlfriend was slowly sinking into a burnout and in January she finally admitted that to her family and to herself. I was also honest saying that romance was very low when we were both working so much. She´s now at home, recovering. Life is mentally healthier for both of us now.
With that sidenote, I feel more energized and more motivated to stop P addiction. The last week I´ve been almost constantly clean but I´m not counting days here now. I wanted to say that I´m feeling better and getting more at peace with myself again.
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Nice to hear that things have turned for the better in your lives. It can be quite hard to manage sometimes, I think almost every year around Dec-January is a stressful time as well.
Yes, counting days is not everything in overcoming this addiction. Do what feels best for you and you’ll be making further progress. 👍
Thanks for the support! I´m building myself up again, rebooting myself and removing the bad influences that society can sometimes have on us.
I was watching a movie yesterday that probably clicks with lots of people here and the situation they´re in. It is the well-know Lion King actually. You see Simba leaving his social circle, leaving his duties as king-to-be, blaming himself and not giving value and respect to himself. Then, he meets two guys that are in a similar situation and say ´everything is okay, no worries, do not think about the future, be non-aggressive, have no goals in life,...´. When he reconnects with his father, which was a painful struggle throught the branches, he notices that he does have purpose in life, that there is much more than this hedonist, numbing, pleasure-first lifestyle. He becomes a father figure for his family, he reconnects with loved ones and cares for them again. Responsability for the family was an important aspect for his father and now he incorporates that in himself, only after leaving that numbing forest of his "adolescent asexual gang of drop-outs" as a psycho-analyst called the two friends Simba hung up with.
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Checking-in again, doing good. There´s too many things that need to be done right now anyways as to not waste time on p, so I´m focused on my tasks and life. 😄
If I find more time, I´d like to do more workouts. It would be fun to have an extra chapter on this forum to discuss fitness, meditation,... everything that helps build the new self.
Today I had some triggers, but I´m doing my best to stay calm and disciplined. Destroying myself is not the answer.
At work I found motivation that if I´d spent all my time in working and not into pmo, at the end of the month, I´d get a bonus. I achieved the conditions for the bonus but in my talk with the staff chief, he told me I´d have to switch to an irregular payout which means more risk on bad days. (It´s a summary, details are too complex to explain here.)
So now a voice tells me: "Look, you could have spent your time in a hedonistic way and still get paid the same." That´s just absolutely demotivating after working with such good discipline for the last weeks! The drive to earn a bit more by working hard and not think about pmo was a good motivator. I´m afraid going back to the mindset of "I will just relax and earn the same money each month". It makes me bored, it makes me spend my time on stupid things. For my mental well-being, I think I prefer stress for irregural loan (and sometimes less money) than this comfortable lifestyle where I get paid the same each month but lose my motivation to grind and focus on working. Writing this down makes me even more certain. I understand people saying they want a job with stability and a fixed loan each month, but I think that´s exactly how I ended up being bored, unmotivated and addicted to pmo. I need those goals, I need to work my ass off. It gives me purpose.
Weekend was good. Had some slipups yesterday (being alone too long) and today. But I keep going forward, learning from my mistakes and getting rid of situations and triggers that made me slipup yesterday.


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Weekend was good. Had some slipups yesterday (being alone too long) and today. But I keep going forward, learning from my mistakes and getting rid of situations and triggers that made me slipup yesterday.
That's life my man, you win some you lose some, but you live to fight another day.
Think of it this way, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, i know it's cliche but it's 100 % true.
God bless.
Last week I found some questions that help you when there is an urge. Sometimes in a blur, you cannot find those questions or have difficulty focusing on the right answer. I didn´t find the ten questions but I´m responding to the ones I remember.

1. If you follow an urge, would it make you better or worse in the future?
First of all, right after the urge, you´re left with a lonely, empty, disgusted feeling. You´ve lost life energy and yes you feel it. You´ll feel more shy, nervous, uneasy around people. Second, in a longer run, you´re rebuilding those unnatural neural connections that keep you stuck in an addiction that has been scientifically proven to cause depression and suicide. And yes, you are addicted, don´t say you´re not anymore. It causes bad relationships, divorces and lack of men with value.

2. If you resist an urge, will that make you better?
Yes. Men should be able to control their emotions. This modern society tries to teach us otherwise, as if we can abandon thousands of years of fighting to survive and are now allowed to live in an unnatural, degenerate way and be okay with ourselves. The only reason to live like that is to be a weak citizen, pay taxes and spend your little money on things that have no value like digital degeneracy or the things they show you in the media. Resisting the urge means saying no to a world where degeneracy is allowed for the sake of keeping you dumb, just like they used religion in the Middle Ages. Once in a movie they said: "To sell something, first make you customer depressed for not having what you sell them." Why else use black and white images on tv commerce? Say no to depression. Don´t give away your happiness so they can earn more money from you.
That's life my man, you win some you lose some, but you live to fight another day.
Think of it this way, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, i know it's cliche but it's 100 % true.
God bless.
Thanks, man, really means a lot! The last 6 months have been way better than the 6 months before that (before RebootNation that is, in my case), so it´s going in the right direction. Thanks to the RebootNation community! ❤
Day 1
Doing a check-in today. Most of the time I´m good I think, at least I keep my ground. I´ve noticed other men here experience a form of aggression or frustration when starting a reboot and I think I will go through such an episode again as I´m rebooting again. Not sure though, it´s a lingering feeling of uneasiness that became frustration that faded away after a few weeks.
I will do my meditations and try to sport when I have time. Music also helps me.
Probably it comes down to finding a strategy that works, that protects you when urges arrive. Each failure comes with new lessons thankfully.
What seems to help is listening to emotional music that connects to my soul, it´s different for everyone so I prefer describing it that way.

My marriage is in 3 months and I want to be clean at that moment. I´ve calculated and created a habit check-in on my phone for 90 days. After those 90 days I will be a lot with my wife and I think I will be completely free after that, or at least did an amazing reboot!
So day 1 of 90 days 😊
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Day 6
I was planning on doing more check-ins but I´ve been too busy to get online in general. It´s great to be back on track.
Things that work for me and maybe others:
- having a fitness/sports/hobby goal that you can reach in a couple of weeks or months and that you can progress in
- connect with your spirituality, whatever that might mean to you, for me it´s recognizing my ancestors (family members that I respect alot but passed away when I was young)
- music that relaxes and makes you feel grounded and grateful to be alive
Day 9
Doing very good actually. 9 days of no PMO. It´s maybe start-up motivation and the cravings might get stronger, idk, but for now feeling very good with my decision. I´m toying around with some AI art when I´m bored, as it´s a quick, creative and fun outlet that feels ´productive´ because you make something and express your feelings in it. (Takes like 10-15 minutes a day so can´t really see it as a bad habit, as I like being creative and I make art about motivation and respect.)
Have a nice day everyone!
Day 10
Doing fine, I´m not even truely counting, I only notice which day I´m on when looking here in the thread. I think I´m also at a one month streak if it wasn´t for the two slip-up days I had ten day ago.
Very happy the weekend is starting!
Motivation to watch P is almost zero, I don´t know why, just no interest. I´ve watched youtube videos yesterday that talk about the bad influences of P and Tiktok. It´s so disgusting that you lose any interest in degenerate content.
Have a beautiful, natural weekend! 🏝
Day 13
With my previous reboot I had some problems at two-week-intervals, like now. Could be coincidence. I have a bit more trouble than friday. Meditation would help but it´s far more accepted to take a smoking break than a meditation break in society. 😄
Thank you! My quick strategy now is to be surrounded by people all the time, because of course PMO isn´t possible and because it makes you think about other things. Still going! And listening to music helps me too on the difficult moments. I try to listen to music only when I have cravings, because music gives a small dopamine spike. I hope it will help me balance my dopamine levels.
Day 23
Doing very good actually. There are days that I don´t even think about reboot or pmo or anything about it. I think my previous reboots have helped me a lot. I think I started rebooting around August last year and I feel more confident. What seems to have worked extremely well for me is being that I went on a scale from 10 to 0, then relapsed to 10, reboot back to 0, then I relapsed but only to a 6 on pmo scale you could say, then reboot and relapse to a 4 or 2,... I´ve been clean from most fetishes for many months now and those were the most toxic. When you´re struggling with addiction it can be hard to see the bad side, but now I can put it aside like someone who stopped smoking. When I feel some urges, they don´t ask for that weird level 10 pmo-stuff anymore. But I have no interest in any of it. Relapses can be difficult but each new reboot feels easier than the previous one in my opinion. So stay strong, keep trying!
And yes I made a playlist with songs that heal my soul, I feel them rebuilding my inner self. 🙏
Day 28
So I went four weeks without pmo now if I remember correctly! I had sex with my gf yesterday evening and I felt so liberated! Instead of overthinking, being afraid about things not working down there, being affected by pmo influence ....I just felt free! Having just experienced an O makes me a bit more inclined to slip now but I have to focus on the amazing progress I´ve made! I had 0% PIED and I didn´t need to think about any fetishes, no tricks, just nature being back in balance!
This is not purely the result of the last four weeks, I guess. It´s the motivation of keep coming back to RebootNation for half a year! Taking cold showers, doing sport 3-4 times a week, being more assertive at work and telling others what I want instead of trying to be the good kid.
I´m not trying to boast. I want people here to know that you will get better and yes it might take a couple of tries, that´s you learning what works and didn´t work.
Bless you all! 🙏