The future will be bright

Day 33
Doing great! Days 13-14 were my more difficult days, but now I´m in a run of rebooting. Funny how my youtube recommendations are filled with motivational videos of Hamza, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Huberman and Andrew Tate. I only pick out the videos that motivate you to stop chasing dopamine and focus on making life better.
What I´ve learned from Huberman:
Find dopamine in doing the hard work.
If you keep focussing on "how awful a task is but a reward will come at the end", it will be more difficult to do that task. So I stopped telling myself "okay, go on, just a couple more days without pmo, you can do it" and I´m now just identifying myself as someone who doesn´t do pmo. I´ve found the courage that if the topic comes up in discussion and my opinion is asked, I can honestly say I´m against it and that builds the identity. (Without starting that topic to sound like a guru obviously haha.)
If my reboot keeps going this way, I might add some videos here for those interested that might help focus on the right things in life with a stronger mindset. I believe it´s about fixing many aspects in your life to heal though: mindset, purpose, respect, identity and dopamine healing. One step at a time. 🙏🍀
I´ve had some work-related misfortunes and stressful situations, 9 days ago. At that moment, a voice in my head made me curious to check on a social media account that I used for PMO, telling myself I´d go online to delete the account. I deleted the account ...but when going to another platform to delete that as well, I was like Simba meeting Timon and Pumba again ..and came on the wrong track for a week. I just turned my heart to stone right now and deleted every account that has links to my PMO past now, my email address account and any kind of social media accounts. My previous relapses were because I was interested in how things would be on those platforms, but now that those accounts are all deleted, it should take me more time in the future to relapse.
I feel kinda bad ...seeing how good I was doing and letting some bad moments ruin that. But, okay, I´m back on track now and I finally deleted everything from the past.
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Luckily I deleted everything, because now each time I have addiction cravings, I think: "Oh wait, everything´s deleted..." and it makes relapsing more difficult. Since my previous post I´m back in reboot. I´m not really certain which day I´m on now but I try to work from day to day. I have some meditations that keep me on the right track. Discovering new ways to look at the world helps building a good mindset and discipline. I´m still working on it but I´ve learned a lot already. I will check in a bit more often.
Checking in today, feeling more calm and stable which really helps in my discipline towards rebooting.
I focus on being grateful for what I have and the things that I could lose if I make terrible mistakes in my life. Listening to stoic videos with texts from Marcus Aurelius.
I´ve also seen a tip some months ago, that whenever you feel an urge for bad behavior, to tell yourself: "Just wait for some time and let´s see if you still feel like doing this the next hour or day." At the same time meditating, trying to think about nothing, clearing the mind and then repeat your mantras and be grateful for what you have and don´t want to lose.
If you think that you don´t have the right mantras for yourself, meditate about those, because they are the building blocks for a good mindset and strong value system.
Peace to all of you! 🍀