Stopping watching porn once and for all


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Hey everyone,

I am a 24 year old student and i'm trying to quite porn.So far i have no physical problems, but i feel like it is something that I should not be doing, both because of moral reasons, and because I feel it is a giant time waster.I am fairly social, though I do struggle with it.(As in I a have a social disorder, but thanks to hard work I manage to have a more or less productive social life) I been trying to get of porn for some time and have been able to do it when i'm in relationships, however being single for quite some time now I can't seem to shake it of and i really need some help.I will be posting here regulary and hope to find a lot of support here.

Today I watched porn, though I don't know what was the trigger.I will be looking in to these from now on

first day: watched porn
Day two: watched porn


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Start by reading and watching the videos on the main website to know why you should stop.  ;)


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Today was a bad day, i Watched Porn again and i don't even know why, I was literally thinking "what to fuck am I watching" (i want to point out that i never watch anything else then 'normal' porn since all the extreme things just look horrible to me) but did not stop watching.I didn't realize it before but I really have a problem and need some help :( :mad: