I have tried to have sex last year before I heard about this forum and failed three times in a row. Since I tried rebooting, something has changed in me, I have had multiple relapses and my penis is not regaining its original size but my sex life is improving.
I lost around 23kgs in the last 5months, from 91-68 and I have had sex with my new gf with whom we've been together for 4 months now. We've tried sex 9 times and this is the breakdown of the experiences:

1. 2 failed attempts in which I lost erection while trying to put on a condom and had to force myself but still it didn't work.
2. 5 quickies, had PE in 2. Didn't use condom.
3. 2 successful overnight attempts, I used 50mg sildenafil in one of the days and the other was just plain me. Didn't use condom. I realized that sex after midnight lasted longer and there was no tension when you are relaxed together cuddling and feeling each other's heat.

(Never used a condom in all the days)

Am away from her right now but I'll see her again in 22Dec and I'll update you my friends.
Let's fight this together, am positive we will make it, I never thought I could reach this far.


Congrats man! Glad you are reaching new levels!!

Any tips on explaining to your girlfriend the PIED situation? Worried I will scare girls I date away if I tell them
She doesn't know man, I just talk to her about how I like our sex to be to boost my confidence. She likes talking about it after we've done it so I guess am lucky I met her.