Self Mastery

23 Weeks, 4 Days of freedom

Very tough week. Felt like I was close to a relapse. When I felt the urge coming on I moved my phone far away from me and went to sleep. Remembering my freedom streak and the pain it caused me kept me safe
31 Weeks of freedom

Very busy couple of months. Lots of life changes.Had a few difficult times these weeks but any time porn has even floated in my mind as an option I remember all the devastation it caused me. So managed to stay strong. Had points of confusion but I feel grounded, calm, and healthy right now.
33 Weeks of freedom

It's been a good couple weeks. A couple difficult eve's but I understand my sexual energy much better now. I realise it comes and goes and I don't feel attached to acting on it in the same way I used to. I will be reporting on here once a month from now on instead of trying weekly.
38 weeks of freedom

I've been M'Oing but without porn and this is fine. But I want a healthier way to do this. A more mindful way and less reactive. If anyone knows of guided audios or anything like this of meditative, feeling-focused masturbation to help retrain focus, let me know.