25 recovering from DE and death grip : Am I getting premature ejaculation?

25 Male, recovering from porn and death grip, question to you guys

Hello, this post is kinda long.

So basically Im 25, I had sex at 22, had 4 partners and I probably had sex around 10 times or so, maybe 15. Thats a very low number because I never really had a long relationship. Anyway.

I started masturbating around 14 I think, with imagination and then with hentai and porn, like most people.(at least for porn)

I only recently discovered the dramatic effects of porn on the brain and realized I might have been addicted :

- I was happy to discover sex but It was not that crazy good
- I sometimes had troubles staying hard(could be something else, but I lost a lot of weight and I like my physique now)
- I have delayed ejaculation/anorgasmia, I never came from sexual intercourse.

After realizing all of this, I started thinking it might be porn when I looked it up online.
I was definitely watching more extreme stuff, so sex was probably less appealing, and I also had death grip I think, which de-sensitized my penis a lot.

So now I completely stopped porn around 50 days ago and I never felt better
-I dramatically reduced masturbation, from at least once a day(out of a porn habit) to once, sometimes twice a week, no porn stimuli of course, and Im careful about the death grip.

Now this is all great, but theres a problem. I have not had sex since January(I still did not cum at that time from intercourse, I was still using porn etc) so I don't know how it would turn out now if I had sex since I did not fully recover yet but heres the thing :

Now, When I masturbate, I cum in like 2-3 minutes, tops.

So of course I guess when its been a week its okay. But I recently did it after 3 days only and I still came in two minutes.

So in one way I know what I believed to be great stamina during sex is actually just me having not much sensations, which I am fixing, but cumming in 2-3 minutes while masturbating is scaring me.

I don't have a GF or someone to have sex for now and check for myself.

I was thinking it might also be me re-discovering my feelings on my penis since I don't do the death grip thing when I masturbate anymore.

Anyway sorry this was long, also I have a great ability to overthink stuff, maybe Im recovering well but the fact that I now cum so fast has me scared for real sex.

Im really scared because I heard of people online who immediately started having premature ejaculation after recovering from death grip.

So yeah sure Im not recovered yet and maybe it would be different with sex, but for now I don't have anyone and Im seriousely scared of that.

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Hey there
I bought natural lube as I heard its much better to fap with lube.
So now I more often cum in around 5+ minutes which I guess is fine when we fap?

The lube is great, actually I can really feel that I cum from the friction with the skin and the head and not from squeezing my dick like I probably was before. Hopefully this cures the death grip..