Flatline after Recovery?

Hey guys,
it's that old dreadful thing again - the flatline.
I am wondering, is there any possibility to drop back into a flatline after abstaining from PMO for more than 2,5 years?
Quick input on my story:
At first, when I quit porn in march 2020 I did 3 months of nofap hardmode, then had sex a couple of times, then occasionally fapped 1-2x month for 9 months and then had 6 months of frequent sex with succesful rewiring, no P, neither MO. After that, back to occasional fapping 1-2 per month, of course just MO, no P.
Are there some guys who've experienced sth similar? Let me know!


I have heard it happening few times. Cuold you be more specific in explaining what flatlines symptoms are you having and how this flaltine started?
Hey man! Do you have any experience with that as well?
So basically I have a dead dick (like really dead), no libido, no desire to have sex or MO whatsoever. Also a lot of fatigue the last days and I'm having a hard time getting shit done, but I'm trying to push through.
I'd say maybe a couple of weeks / or a month ago or so. But I feel it's been getting worse the past 2 weeks, especially last week. No idea on how it started though. Also, I've been intimate with a woman for the past 3-4 months, but never successfully had sex with her. I think I wanted to find her attractive and tried to convince myself since on all other levels we're a great match.
Last days more Energy, seeing Friends, doing Sports & other activities. Still No libido though. Made Out with a Girl at a Party Yesterday, she was really into it, I thought: I 'd Like to be able to enjoy this as well, but somehow it's not doing anything for me (even though I found her interesting and was attracted to her and wanted to kiss her). We'll See where it goes, but I miss my libido + the sexual Energy and pleasure associated with it.