60 freakin days man!!!


Wasnt sure weather i should have posted this on the over 40's tab as that what i am but think its a more of an overall success i wanted to share. So I HAVE NEVER DONE 60 DAYS IN MY ADULT LIFE and im 47!! Today's the day though and it feels very very good!!
Am i over it? No, absolutely not and I still think about it but I've learnt to recognise my triggers much much better that ive done before.
I still feel foggy and lethargic but at my age that may well have nothing to do with my journey of recovery! it could and probably is the beer!!

There has been one incident of MO.....but not PMO. None at all, no porn sites visited or PMO fantasy. Just the one time i used my imagination and thought about only myself and my girlfriend. I did notice some negative effects in the days after so i doubt ill be doing that again any time soon.
So on the whole apart from my one MO I would like to report that things certainly feel better down there. Just generally feel better with slight improvement in confidence too. I hoping this will improve further. Im sure it will.

Confidence is key for me though and TBH im not quite there yet. im expecting it to be a good few months in total.

In short.

Stay off Porn. If its not the neuroglial side of things that impacted me it was just the death grip or speed or whatever. All of it totally and 100% unnatural so no freakin wonder i struggled for so long.

Cut out he shit food too guys. Go as natural as you possibly can with the inclusion of beets and watermelon and green leafy vegies, daily if you can but as the afore mentioned foods are basically natures Viagra, defiantly try to consume them on days that you feel you might be getting lucky. Look into this stuff though fella's. Trust me, you'll be well placed if you arm yourself with as much information as possible. You're in a war and you have to have a battle plan.
FYI im no angel. I still like pastries, the occasional McDonalds and beer. Beer is my achilleas heel but im drinking much less.

Exercise. At the end of the day its all about blood flow so the fitter you are the better chance you are giving yourself of making a full recovery.

Oh and one last thing. I pump too. It is one of many changes ive made that i feel that is making a difference.

I hope this finds someone that is struggling and that in some way can help.

I dont know how to engage too well on here. Ill pop back on to answer any questions but failing any turning up im 100 confident that ill be here to announce a 90 day streak in a month.

Good luck and stay strong guys.