Samurai journey: I WILL tame my 'sword'

Day 6: Nearly forgot to write my entry!

Phew! That was a close one.
I look forward to the day that I achieve 30 days of endurance; I have already begun the feel the effects of this training. The mind is sharper and more sophisticated nowadays, which is a very welcome change.
Day 7: Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

The last busy days draw nearer, as I finish off the last of my exams. What propels me forward is being able to endure to 7 days without giving in to my unruly sword, which I'm rarely able to do. Cheers!
Day 8: Incoming flatline, I must ready my soul.

This samurai enjoys a brief moment of celebration as the exams are over; however, the prospect of an abstinence flatline looms close.
It always comes after the initial victory. But I will not surrender!
Whether it may be months, weeks, or days away, it has always caught me off guard, so I shall prepare myself this time.
Day 9: Preparing for the first milestone!

Looking towards the optimistic landscape, this samurai has reinvigorated confidence in his swordsmanship. Most of the usual trials that have usually defeated me by now have been overcome as I inch towards the 30 day mark. Truly an experience!
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Day 10: To continue enduring

I'll never thought keeping this journal would make such a difference! Everyday would be punctuated with hedonistic musings of a failed samurai:

"I'll start tomorrow...I shall rest and enjoy myself for today..."
"I shall start when my heart is ready!...Whenever that is..."
"I'll wait for a sign from a higher power!!"

Not anymore! The samurai is only truly actualized when they realise that they must seek change themselves, that nothing within the universe is obligated to babysit them through the journey of life!


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Great work, Samurai. I'll give the same advice I give everyone on this forum: it's very important that you crush the addiction now while you're young. Otherwise, it's going to be a negative and destructive thing in your life for decades.
Day 11: Business as usual, reaching stability.

Nothing to report, except that today is a great day, for everyday that I continue to endure, is a testament to my growth from the person I was yesterday!