Samurai journey: I WILL tame my 'sword'

Day 19: Prime your will!

There are many P-traps buried within everyday social media. To be a Samurai is to be able to resist the temptation and reject the sickly, ruinous embrace of the slippery slope.
Day 20: Fear

As background, today was a particularly bad day.

But the urges can came later shocked me; I had never been more aware of my Reboot Mortality then I have today. Perhaps the previous weeks of little hardship had softened the Samurai spirit, and allowed for underestimation of the trappings of P, but the feelings experienced today where borderline indescribable; for the very first time the desires felt like a genuine withdrawal. Oh! Panic, incapacitation. Maybe this was compounded by my recent abstinences of other addictions, but that does not matter. The samurai will hold strong!
Day 1: Penitence Crusade!

It is with great regret that today I report back to everyone announce a defeat at Day 26!
I was suddenly overwhelmed and defences quickly crumbled despite high spirits.
Due to circumstances, I had been unable to log my entries the past few days, which may have contributed to the willpower break. I have decided that maintaining a consistent log is of utmost priority. After all, it did push me through the first 20 days with great effect.

This, however, does not spell the end of my journey.

A new ultimatum has been made: Utter intolerance of all 3 factors: P, M and O.
As a confession, the previous stretch of my journey occasionally loosened restrictions at particularly rocky periods; the rationalisation was that as long as all 3 conditions PMO where not met simultaneously, my streak was considered unbroken. This, of course, was a fatal mistake and eventually led to the degeneration of my integrity.
Nevertheless, I have learnt many from this stretch, and have come back stronger then ever before!
This, I hope, will not happen again!

Onwards, us samurai!
Day 2: The Battle Continues!

It is always incredibly hard to start again after a defeat...however one takes solace in the fact that it gets much easier the more one endures!
Hi @Fruit cocktail Samurai !
I read your blog with great joy. I'm super proud of you to have so much awareness, discipline and optimism at such a young age.
You are a champion already and you certainly can beat this before the rest of us!

Go go samurai sugoi !!!
Thank you TakeActionNow...I can't express to you how much your message reinvigorated my spirit, especially today of hard times.
We march forwards as one!
Day 6: Reviving my Discipline

The last few days have been hard ones, for the noticeable decrease in motivation and spirit from the previous relapse has been hard to overcome.
But I shall rebuild my discipline, one day at a time.
Day 13: Feeling great!

It is a lot easier walking the same paths.
The samurai continues, unburdened by his previous defeats, for ultimately he will become unconquerable!