Samurai journey: I WILL tame my 'sword'


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Fruit San,
We can deal with reboot after exams.

In the meanwhile focus on your studies.

Reapply reboot methodology into studies methodology:
0. Learn from errors (cause, remedy, prevention)
1. Repeated and continuous material study
2. Personal analysis and correction
3. Repair and replacement strategies
4. Environment modification
5. Journalling for reflection, redirection and reinforcement
6. Community involvement and contribution

Instead of journalling reboot, journal your studies. Reinforce your personal awareness and accomplishments.

Don't deplete yourself.
Fuel yourself like you fuel your emotions, or you fuel a marathon.
Food, water, rest, restore.

And channel the tension of no release back into your books!
Give yourself a big scream of release whenever you finish a chapter or revision. Cheer yourself on. Have a nice meal awaiting every revision completion.

You got this 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Day 7

Burnout caught the samurai. Sleeping early tonight to fight another (earlier) day.
One curious thing is that I always get legitimately sick a week or a few days before exams, flu season coincidence or somehow anxiety attracts diseases?


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Hey man, hope you're doing okay.

I've seen your thread from time to time, and I just wanted to say that I think you're doing a fantastic job, regardless of how you may feel. I'm 25 going on 26 now, so still pretty young, but I only wish I had been trying this hard to quit when I was a teenager. I can look back on the time that's passed since high school, and see a lot of opportunities missed, in large part because of this addiction.

Porn consumption is a disease and as you know quitting isn't easy, but by coming back to the table each time you're already fighting way harder than most guys your age to improve your life. You have so much to look forward to in the coming years by working hard now to free yourself from this compulsion. Coming here and posting is a strong sign that you have what it takes to make that happen.

Anyhow, wishing you well. 🙏
DAY 10

Got really close to considering it last night. It just suddenly came out of nowhere. I literally found my self sitting down for a moment to reason to myself out of it, it was like some primal animal instinct hijacked me.
It felt kinda stupid and almost absurd, but in hindsight I realized it was the same instinctive feeling that I would follow whenever I was tempted by some useless or detrimental desire; etc. bad food, slacking off, just being lazy in general. Consciously defying this strong feeling kind of felt liberating, like a confirmation that I can do it again and had the potential to get above this shitty nonsense. Samurai on!