Please 🥺 can I get my sensitivity back after stopping porn and masturbation???

Has any one experience this?? After 5 years of porn addiction and masturbation.

My manhood has no sensitivity at all. I do get my erection but when having sex with a girl I don't feel nothing at all. Please 🥺 is there a cure to this??? I was a virgin when I was addicted so I don't know nothing about or how I'm supposed to feel the sensitivity. But I know something is wrong because the girls don't always enjoy the sex. Please 🥺 is there solution to the sensitivity????


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Don't masturbate anymore and hopefully the sensitivity will gradually come back.

Also, maybe there are tricks you can use in bed to get more sensitivity. Expore foreplay with each other, try different positions, oral etc. Try moving slowly instead of pounding as hard as you can - that actually often leads to more sensation.

Focus less on coming and more on just enjoying the action. If you don't come that's fine. We are obessed with orgasms... but if you actually have sex without it a few times, at least I find that your sensitivity goes way up each time you have sex again.