even the hottest girl in internet does not feel attractive

hey guys. It has been 6 months of porn free. Actually my Johnson got his soul back and i can maintain the erection without p*rn. I was not able for that. I used to get no morning woods at all before. Now i have morning woods almost every day(somedays not due to flatline). But the thing is idk ive been in flatline for 6 months or what but i have no libido since i started this journey. I have no urge against any women at all. And the point is i have not jerked it off for once and still have not happened any wet dream. I have not seen any sexual dream and no wet dream happened. I used to get excited even when i talk with girls before. Possibility to have sex with them would had make me horny. But for 6 months i have no libido at all. Today we were talking to plan a weekend party with a group of friends.. 3 male 4 female. And ik one of the girl told one of my guy friend that hook up with me. Im certain i have the chance to sleep with this girl but i have no boner or no even excitement at all. I have got too depressed and looked for a few porn an hour ago. And even porn did not make me anything. I felt nothing. Do guys have any idea for this? It would be so helpful for me.


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Just enjoy meeting the girl. Chatting. Getting to know her. Smile.

If it goes beyond that... you know... make out a bit. You shouldn't have a goal to have sex at all... it'll happen if it feels right to everyone :)

Maybe that will suddenly bring out the excitement. Maybe it will take getting to know someone a bit that you fall in LOVE with, not just LUST to feel it again?

I don't know...
i think i have broken my brain and became asexual that lasts forever. Because i have no physical problem no more. But libido had never came back.
No you will heal and get your body back trust me, I had same issues. 7 months nothing happened and wanted to turn back. Just eat good and exercise good. Since you made it to six months you're already there. Eat and exercise good. You Will start seeing changes. Try foreplay and she sucking your dick. Don't turn back at all because you will still have to walk the road again to see changes.