Take the Challenge

Let me tell you the truth right when you decide to take the challenge: You won't be able to do it. Or, at least, that's what you're going to think every single day, and it'll feel so true that you just can't take it anymore. You will go through the emotional and physical difficulties of withdrawal. You are like a man setting out to climb a tall mountain who has never walked before. At first, it will seem impossible, but as you walk a little more each day, your muscles, i.e., your willpower, will grow, and it will become possible.

So take it one day at a time, always! Don't look at what you're doing as fighting a war to quit for X days, or it seems too big to take on. Realize that what you're doing is just saying 'no' once. When the urge comes up, you say 'no' you scream into a pillow, you scream internally, you throw those thoughts away, you distract yourself, you realise how much better you've done without porn, and how much you have to lose going back and starting over and maybe not even getting this far. You don't let that urge go anywhere.

That's it. Not X days of constant willpower, just a subtle lifestyle change, a quiet 'no' whenever the random desire flickers up and tries to take hold.


Wanted to add this advice:

Start small.

Start with one day of no PMO, worked for me. One day is totally doable, use your mind to overcome it, throw away your smart phone, cut off Wifi, schedule an entire day out with friends. Before you go to bed on that day, praise yourself and reward yourself with something indulgent (fried chicken, ice cream).

Before you go to sleep, you will feel a huge "I won today!" feeling, and that really helped me.