NoFap or NoPorn


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Hello dear people,

I have now after about 14 years of porn addiction finally managed to get away from porn.

There were many attempts necessary, but it is now since yesterday 11 weeks without porn.

I have PIED for a long time, and I notice when masturbating that it gets harder, but without stimulation again limp. I also notice how I get a morning wood again.

About me, I'm 34, homosexual, so PIED was bad, but not a horror nightmare, since in my last relationship my partner was the active one and I was the passive one....

To my question: is it enough to do without porn? I could not find anything useful on the internet about soft mode.

Would it have been better to start with nofap? Would the result have been better in the same time?

Thanks for your support
To my question: is it enough to do without porn?
What I think you are asking is: "Will my PIED be cured strictly without the use of porn?"

Possibly; however, everyone's recovery is different. I would start with NOFAP and see how it goes from there. It can't hurt you to try that route.

Otherwise, I would get rid of all porn substitutes. Why would someone browse YouTube of guys w/o their shirts on dancing? What's the point of sexting, webcams, phone sex, fantasizing constantly, erotic stories, browsing dating apps, checking out social media, and so forth? These activities reinforce the same pathways you're trying to weaken. They keep your mind occupied with sexual thoughts, tits, pecs, asses, f--king, getting off, etc. They make rebooting harder and more painful.


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I find it is nearly impossible to MO without fantasizing about porn or some type of hardcore experience I've had. So that reinforces the pathways, like what ketchup said.

Personally, and I know it's difficult to do, I think all MO should be eliminated. It will help you regain full functionality faster and help you get more excited for the real thing