I am free 6 months of porn. And i inform people around me about this. Im tellin em im porn free for 6 months and i have no sexual desire since i have started (I have 6 months of no sexual desire). And they replyin me back shocked and tellin me how can i be free of 6 months of masturbation and sexual desire. Men should be horny all day. They tellin me im dead. Im 22 years old and im 5 fk years weightlifter which my body is taken care and my testosterone is checked which was 9.8 sky-high in value range. Today i thought about that and confused. If its a real thing or what. Like im literally free for 6 months and i have 0 libido. I swear its 0. I used to get that sexual tingle even with a single instagram dm. Now someone front of me gets naked and i wont feel anything. I dont even know anymore PIED is real thing or what. Yes porn can cause damage mentally but idk. Can it be some other condition about my health ? Yes im PMOer since i was 10, daily 2-3 times. But i dont know. 6 months and only improve was my morning woods. They are not even regular anymore. I did not have em before i started pornfree journey. Now they came back but nothing else. Do you guys think any advices can u give about my zero sexual desire and libido ?


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Hello cancadeniz.

I think is pretty normal for guys like us that started from a very young age and whose first sexual experiences are with pron to have very long flatlines. We learned to be sexual with porn, and we need to learn how to be sexual in real life.

I've read stories and reports of very long flatlines on people like that. The teenage years are the most plastic ones for our brains and it may take some more time to create new learning pathways.
Any real life interaction should help to do that, of course.

Again, I'm a guy who is 21 and I'm talking from personal experience, I could be very wrong and talking shit.
Maybe the best idea is to consult a doctor or a sexologist about this and see if they can help you.
doctor or a sexologist will not know about porn. When i told em they answering me with this is nonsense or smth. pied is not known by medical units.