Ending a long lasting addiction


I’m not sure where to begin I’ve been struggling with porn addiction for 5 years. The last 2 year I’ve been trying to end my addiction. I’m at a point where I’m tired of hurting the people close to me especially my wife. So here I go day 1 of no porn. I’m tired of going half way on my promise to wife and to God. I know this time will be different.

if there any resources that anyone would want to give me that help them, send them my way.


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Read the book The Power of Habit. The book explains how an addiction is triggered. A person trying to stop smoking may be use to smoking on their lunch break, after eating, etc. In exchange those habits can be replaced by doing other activities. Figure out what causes the habit to begin and try to replace that old habit with something else.


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Welcome - I think the fact that you took action is great. Just getting a post in and starting a journal is a good start.

I reccomend the smart recovery handbook - read it cover to cover



First of all, congrats on making a decision to change your life!

Getting pornblockers is a good start. I like BlockerHero for phone and Cold Turkey for computer, but there are many options. Just find one that you can't disable or uninstall whenever you want.

Might I add, don't think of this as just a New Year's resolution. What I mean is if you relapse, don't just be like "Oh well, maybe I'll try again next year." I doesn't matter if your no PMO streak begins on Jan 1st or any other day of the year. Just keep fighting and don't ever give up.
Thank you. Using covenant eye on my phone. It what my pastor recommended to.


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Read Your Brain on Porn from cover to cover. It will explain a lot, and provide you with a lot of information to help beat the addiction.