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Way to keep chugging. How's the progress on "living a meaningful and fulfilling life?"


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Way to keep chugging. How's the progress on "living a meaningful and fulfilling life?"
126 days.

So here's the situation. My company serves clients and each person gets assigned to a variety of clients/engagements.

I have recently had 2 main clients, one that historically has been year-round but gets busiest in February and another that is short, March-June. But this year...

1. Last year I made the mistake of volunteering to help on a work friend's client when she went on maternity leave. The work happened in fall. They liked me and asked for me back so I am back but this year it happens in March-July. So that's piled on top of the March-June one.

2. The client that usually is busiest in February had some very unique circumstances this year such that the busy time has dragged out into April, and will not end till sometime in May. Also piling on top.

3. I was offered the opportunity to work on a high priority client led by a an influential member of the my company's top management team. It's likely going to have a very positive impact on my career to be on this project in the long run so I said yes. Only problem is it starts in April (it's year-round).

So I usually only have 1 client with significant active work at this time of year and now I have 4. I have been stuck being semi-drowning in work for several weeks now. It's made it difficult to make time and mental space for the growth I want to do. So I made a decision this week.

In order for me to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, I just need to get this shit off my plate. No more semi-drowning that drags on forever and keeps me from being able to do anything else. I am just committing to fully drowning for the next couple of weeks. I will work from the time I finish at the gym in the morning until bed every weeknight, I will work most of the weekend, to get some of these projects done and out of the way.

So to answer your question, my life will be fairly meaningless for the next 2-3 weeks. :) But it will free up the space I need to focus on it after that.
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