4th day and rationalising


Feel brain fog. Right now my brain is trying to rationalise with me and making me feel sick so that i should just relpase. As new year began I quit. But this fourth day of new year in sick and tired of this fighting and losing like always. Still I'm keeping strong. Since 2 months i m on this forum. 2 time i have decided to quit since I joined this forum . I don't want to give up. I need to be strong. It feels good to have people who understands how you feel thanks

And one more thing i want to say is now I'm 23 .when I was in my teens i.e. 12 14 15 i had this feeling of satisfaction and peace in my life all the time. Even if i had any problems i was at peace. That feeling has lost since i started using porn. I want that feeling again. It feels so great that i feel greatful to have this life. That feeling is like life feels like life finally. I hope that i get this feeling someday again.

I'm grateful to be this forum.
I'm greatful the food that i had today.
I'm greatful for my family and friends.