Road to recovery. My success story!


I can’t express how happy I am to write my success story because I’ve seen and experienced the worst. I will share my full story but before that I’ll give summary of my reboot for anyone who doesn’t want to read the full story.

I’m a 35 years old healthy and active man. I have been suffering from PIED for 3 years and started my reboot 14 months ago. I stopped looking at porn completely and never relapsed. I have a steady gf that helped massively with rewire process. 10 months into reboot, I had first ‘successful’ sex with her. I’ll touch more on it in my story and what I mean by successful sex, but I just want to say to anyone struggling to hang in there and follow the process because THIS WORKS!

On to my story, I started watching Porn at the age of 15 and that comes with MO. I didn’t have any physical contact with a real woman until the age of 28 and that’s because I was born in a conservative country where sex before marriage is a taboo. At the age of 28, I went overseas and started an affair with a woman. She wanted to stay virgin so we would only have oral sex and we will do that while playing Porn on TV. I will watch Porn to get aroused and then ask her to perform oral sex on me. It was so much dominated by Porn that I never even kissed her. I used to feel very horny at that time and never had any problem with erections. After our affair ended because I moved to another country, I occasionally had sex in massage parlor without any problem. In 2019, at the age of 32, I was travelling and hooked up with a girl. I took her to the apartment and when it got to sex, I couldn’t get it up. We tried everything, even playing porn on phone but it just wasn’t getting up. It was surprising but I didn’t give it much thought as she was just a random girl for me whom I never met again. After that I met a lady at an event and started dating her. After couple of dates, she invited me to her place. I went there without realizing what I’m going to face. My D was completely irresponsive. She tried to perform oral on me, but it just won’t respond. This was the first time I was super embarrassed. I came back home and started looking for answers. I couldn’t relate to any cause of ED mentioned online because I’m a very healthy person otherwise. I decided to go to a doctor who specializes in men sexual health. He ran tests on me like testosterone levels and said everything is normal. I said I don’t feel mentally stimulated for sex. He gave me pills for depression and vitamin (What an idiot).

I met more girls and every time it’s the same story. I started dating a very hot girl but when it got to sex, I couldn’t get erection. She insulted me in the worst possible way. I then realized that I’m experiencing low libido. I don’t even think about women in sexual way. It reached to the point where I knew for sure that attempting sex will be a failure. I decided to go to another doctor. This doc, after hearing my problem, asked ‘Can you masturbate without Porn?’. I said I don’t remember the last time I masturbated without Porn. He said you have saturated yourself with Porn. I came back home and started searching about it but unfortunately, I still didn’t find out about Reboot process. I met girls, had sex with them using ED pills but I won’t feel anything. My D was erected but numb. I knew this is not normal. Then I found this community and more sources online (like Noah B Church, Gabe Deem on YouTube). I started the process right away. Giving up porn was easy because of low libido. I had met a new girl and I told her everything. She was quite understanding. I did 1 month of hard reboot and after that started fooling around with her. I will lose erection all the time but there was no pressure. Some positions work for me better than others. Everytime I had a failure, I will come to this website and read success stories to motivate myself.

As I mentioned earlier, 10 months into reboot, I had sex with my gf in which I felt to be in control. That’s why I call it successful sex. My D started responding to touch. I have started feeling hornier and I think about sex more. I always used to get morning erections even when I had PIED but they will go away quickly as soon as my thoughts kick in. Now my thoughts are getting sexual. I’m getting my libido back.

Although I’m still experiencing improvements, but I feel much better than a year ago. I know worst is behind me. Here are the key takeaways from my experience.

1) Try finding a girl who is nice, helpful and be honest with her. It’s important that you don’t feel pressured in sex. The more relaxed you are, the quicker you will heal. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. It will start working eventually.
2) I would suggest not to use ED pills for first 3-6 months into your reboot atleast. Forcing sex with ED pills is counter-productive. Also with ED pills, you can’t calibrate your natural response. It all gets mixed up. Once your healing has begun then you can use ED pills occasionally if desired.
3) Getting rid of Porn is easy (atleast for me), getting rid of porn-wrapped thoughts is hard. Put conscious effort in thinking about woman’s beauty and love making instead of dirty porno thoughts. My D gets super hard when my thoughts are more of love making. Yes Kink will and should always be there but while you’re healing, moving your thoughts away from Porn is very important.
4) Don’t count days since your reboot begun. Have set and forget approach. Don’t think about it too much. Focus on other things like fitness, goals e.t.c. Before you know it will be gone

Lastly if anyone needs my help or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me.
Goodluck to everyone out there.


Nice to hear your story bro. Even if i dont know you, i'm super happy for you. With gods help, i hope that i also can write about my succes in this forum.
Thank you @Dude09 for your thoughtful advice. I will definitely give it a try. On point 1, I don't think I want to make my recovery dependent on whether or not I can find a girlfriend, but you have encouraged be to put myself out there and offer myself to someone. I need to stop being reclusive and gawking at women online, and go be out in the world more too.