Cured PIED after 18 days of abstinence from PMO


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DAY 18 & 19: It Happened! I had sex. (3 rounds)

I know this sounds and tbh even feels too good to be true. But I think I will also post this in the "PIED Success story section".

Some details about the experience

Last morning I met my girl she came over to my house and after a while we got intimate and I got hard af. BUT, when I went to put it in, I wasn't able to keep the erection. at that point, I felt very anxious and ofc I knew I wasn't gonna be able to keep the erection, so we stopped and just cuddled for a bit. we tried again in around 20 minutes. This time, I was able to maintain an erection of 60% and somehow after trying for like good 10 minutes, I could put it in. But then I ejaculated the second I slid into her. We took a break again and we got into it again and this time I was able to put it in and last for a good 7-10 minutes with 90% erection. took a break again and the last time we had sex for 10 minutes with 80-90% erection. It felt amazing!

What helped was talking to my girl about how I wanted to be pleased. It's okay to be selfish at this point bc even she is working towards your reboot. So talking to your partner about every detail helped tremendously. Usually, partners are very understanding when you whisper hah so that's a trick you can use.

I still do need to not think about the times I wasn't able to keep an erection since it only adds to my anxiety. other than that, it was successfull! I AM NEVER GOING BACK TO PORN.


OHH! Almost forgot to add that I experienced a positive and uplifting mood for approximately 20 minutes following ejaculation, but then experienced a crash where I felt low and depressed. It wasn't until a 2 hour nap that I felt recharged. I believe this was likely due to the rush of dopamine after 18 days of abstinence.

Have a blessed day ya'll.


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Nice one man!

I had a similar experience 2 days ago with my GF. I had no PMO for 21 days and we got intimate.

Got an erection and had sex for around 2 minutes but I wasn't fully hard so didn't feel that good for me. Lost my erection and stopped and just talked about it. I then got relaxed again after around 30 minutes and went for it again. I didn't last long but I was fully hard and it felt amazing. I climaxed really quickly but the fact I was able to actually enjoy the intimacy instead of feeling under so much pressure was amazing.

I have had issues with DE with girls even when having successful sex in the past so the fact I O'd so quickly and felt a lot of sensitivity was a great feeling.

Being careful to avoid the chaser effect now, as my libido has risen the days after orgasm, want to do at least 90 days of no PM, this is my first attempt on a reboot.