Hey im new here in reboot nation


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So my name is jacob and I'm currently 15 years old i started to watch porn when I was like 11 and let me tell you the first time I had an orgasm watching porn was great but later the things gone worst I started to be less confident less happy and I finish with no friends at school I started doing nofap 2 years ago but I couldn't complete even 2 weeks I don't why but I started to getting tired of this the only thing I want it was to be porn free but I don't know how after failing more than 100 times I start questioning myself what I'm doing wrong my only problem with this reboot is that the time when the urge arrives my brain starts attacking me until I relapse if I do a cold shower after two minutes the urge arrives again I had a complete mystery in my mind I'm just tired very tired I've tried all the ways to reboot but my mind just doesn't help me with this another things are the girls in school they are just so cute but they even don't look at me I see others boys enjoying their life with friends and theirs gf but I'm just alone my parents know that I been in porn in the past but they don't know I continue doing that I moved to porn games that is worst than a normal porn video I need to gain control again of my life again because in reddit they even help me with this so I need your help guys