Believe in the Process


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Day 13

Today i have been experiencing different emotions like feeling empty, not sure where my life is going, felt hopeless...

Talked to a friend about how i am felling and went for a long walk. Now I am feeling better.
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Yesterday, I was thinking about my Ex which made me very emotional and sad. Breakup happened a year back and I moved on too but randomly at somedays I felt the pain as if the breakup happened today, and yesterday was the day I had a lot of mixed emotions...

To escape form this i was surfing facebook, then a page came into my feed named "WEAKNESS" which had adult content stuff. carried away by my emotions without much thinking i entered the page and relapsed.

i feel bad for using porn to escape reality without facing it face to face. to truly solve the problem, i should deal with the reality rather than escaping from it.

I will fight or die trying, but never Give up this journey. I am taking my relapses as a lesson not as my defeat.


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Relapsed yesterday. Feeling very low and empty. I'm losing myself slowly.
Just one week more to end my college after that i have 3 months of holidays before joining my job.
I will invest all my energy during the break to get back to the form. Need to deeply reevaluate my strategies and steps to find which works for me.

I am thinking to open up abt this addiction to my father. I want someone with whom I can share my struggle and i believe he can help me.

Really I'm losing myself, nowadays i just doing bare minimum work just to survive in life. I want to change it badly.

I Don't have energy now, i just want to surrender myself to God...


Definitely open up to your dad. I suspect he's aware of similar challenges. Just telling another person seems to be healing. And letting the situation drift is certainly not a good idea. 🤞GL


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Day 2

Though walking helped a bit, Still having the empty feeling...
exam starts in two days. I am trying to read but can't able to focus continuously for a long time hence taking good amount of breaks in between.