Believe in the Process


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Day 6

Rested well. Started to working on the project which i am going to present on Monday.

Without porn life is very beautiful, i really enjoy every single moment. emptiness is no more. Things are getting better.


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Day 15

Thanks @Blondie.

i have been noticing myself for past 1 week and I found that i unconsciously making the moaning sound, putting my tongue outside as if to lick something and also sometimes moving my lower part of my body vigorously to and fro while sitting in the chair.

These are the things that got wired so hard in by brain due to watching porn that whenever I got bored I unconsciously do these things.

whenever this pattern happens, i am trying to note and the stop the behaviour. I know healing is a long process, having patience and belief in the process will definitely take us to the freedom.
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Relapsed today

My 4 years of college is ending and I will be going home in two days, my best friends who listen to all my bullshit is going home today. It was very hard to give that last handsake and hug, i felt like crying. Before sending him off, i had medium urges in the morning but after sending him when I returned to my room i got overwhelmed by emotions and relapsed...

I am worried that my brain want to escape even the pain of missing someone with porn.

After this incident I tried to sleep but i can't able to. So i sat in balcony to watch birds and listened to melody songs for an hour and then went for a walk. Now I'm feeling better.


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Hey @Hunter_, it's okay brother, this happens.
I am worried that my brain want to escape even the pain of missing someone with porn.
This makes sense. That's the problem with this addiction/habit, it's utterly habitual, and it has become automatic for our go to coping mechanism. We must substitute other positive things to cope with pain, etc. Your walk, and listening to music are some of those things.

Congrats on finishing school, that's a hell of an achievement!