No more DE


60 days ago started my reboot , addicted to pmo for 13 years , had weak erections and DE and used not to enjoy sex . Would wank almost daily.

The books that changed my life was power over pornography by Brian Brandenburg and your brain on porn by Gary Wilson .

60 days now , I'm more confident can talk to any girl, enjoy sex and feel nice , even a kiss makes me feel good, no more DE , have very Strong erections, no longer looking at girls like sex objects, focused on my body goals.

I'm Happy and more determined, surprising part is that I don't even really have cravings for porn. But at the same time ,I know an addiction is an addiction it's possible to relapse but I'll continue to fight . P did me a lot of bad, I wasted alot of Time and opportunities.

I choose to quit porn because I want to live a real happy Life and get away from all those bad effects porn does to a man.


Day 99. no PMO

pied , delayed ejaculation, reduced sensitivity all history . Normal Great and satisfying sexual health

Quitting porn saved my sexual health.