Wet Dreaming ¿Relapse?


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Hello brother Warriors...
As of today I am 49 days abstinent (PMO) I have no digital exciters, no masturbation, a complete reboot. I went on a diet and exercise that has worked out pretty well for me, started playing an instrument and am learning to paint with watercolors (I say all this so you understand the context that I am trying to give my 100%).
Today at 5:00AM I had a wet dream and was awakened by feeling my clothes wet (I ejaculated), I haven't experienced a wet dream in years (I'm 21 years old). I have also noticed that my morning erections have returned, I had lost them.

What are your experiences with wet dreams, and is it considered a relapse?
Nocturnal emission is super normal, don't worry about it. You'll have some from time to time, and you can't do anything about it so it's not a relapse. All I can say is... Enjoy changing out your underwear haha!


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Of course it is not a relapse. Even if you dreamed about PMO or whatever it wasn't voluntarily. Relapse is more of a returning to the old habits kinda thing. Check this out