I've been using this website since 2017


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Hello Gents
Please Reply to me if you think you can help me.

I have used this website to fix my 10 years addiction to porn in 2017 (when I was 26 years old), and it did worked for me after three months not doing anything ( no simulation, no masterbation). I was quite happy with the result.

But things changed after that ( if you wanna stay positive in your journey, maybe don't read the rest.)

I had an accident, and my leg had been broken (it did recovered after two moths), then I had to break up with my girlfriend due to totally different reason. So I went back to porn (Big Big mistake), and I've thought I can quit by 18 weeks program whenever I want.
Now it's been 12 months that I have been in the program, and there is absolutely no progress.
My symptoms are as bellow:
1-I have morning wood two times a week
2- I have lost my interest to female body, and whenever I feel I'm getting more interested, then I have wet dream about porn, and I feel like I've just started the program that morning.
3- Viagra or any other medicines like Viagra only gives me headaches, and nothing more.
4- And my progress became like a cycle which is really bothering me, it does probably reach 70%, but after wet dream becomes like 20%. (If 100% is a reboot)
5- Cold shower is not helping me, but it's used to give me erection before.

Please if you have suggestions, let me know since I'm really committed to the program.

Best Regards