day 65 of no PMO , just had the best in life , started having sex around 19 while had already started porn at 13 , and I already had effects, my sensitivity on the dick was almost not there , never used to enjoy sex, had weak erections and delayed ejaculation and sometimes fail to get an orgasm.

I made a decision to quit, that has really turned my life around, 65 days after quitting I never knew that sex with a woman is this exciting and amazing and can never be compared to P .i now Have rock hard erections and keep them throughout sex session and most amazingly I feel great on each thrust and last long.

I'll always move forward I choose never to look back and fall back in to P addiction, after all the positives of no Fap , I'll never want to get back into the PMO cycle.

Guys let's keep fighting we are all in this together and thank you for all the support I get from this forum.