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It frustrates me that sexology researchers want to convince porn users that their shame comes from feelings about porn, when, IMO, it comes from knowing, deep down, that they aren't expressing their true potential, or that they aren't yet in control of themselves.

thats an interesting take, androg. Does this mean that all shame comes from not expressing true potential, or that an individual is not in control of themselves?


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Day 22

Felt somewhat lethargic today with urges creeping in. I believe it is correlated with the release from intimacy I had yesterday. Previously, after intimacy, I experienced the same thing with very vivid sexual dreams and a wave of urges. My mind didn’t feel as sharp and I wasn’t in too much of a social mood today. Luckily, my awareness is high and I was able to say no to any mindless scrolling.

I know all of this is normal though and will take time to even out.

the good news is I am directing my sexual energy toward my wife and our chemistry seems to be improving. Still a lot of work to do!


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Day 28

When your behavior and your identity are fully aligned, you are no longer pursuing behavior change. You are simply acting like the type of person you already believe yourself to be.”

“True behavior change is identity change”

James Clear
Embracing a porn-free identity!


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I love James Clear, have you read Atomic Habits? It caused me to make some necessary habit changes in my life that helped with my addiction.
Awesome job reaching 4 weeks of sobriety too!


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Day 29

Heightened urges today. I think it started early this morning. I was coming in and out of sleep and had some very vivid lucid-like sexual dreams. There was even a point in my dream where someone walked in on me PMOing.. thankfully it was just a damn dream 🤣. It was a good reminder that my brain still has a lot of changing to do. Felt foggy all day and not much motivation. Despite that, I still got my meditation and workout completed. Staying the course! Hope you all have a great week.