30 days of freedom


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Day 30. No porn.
Benefits: Mental clarity, better sleep, higher sense of well-being, morning wood, easier to get aroused with minimal fantasy. Just thinking of a girl I like can make me almost 100% hard in 30 seconds - 1 minute. Before quitting porn, it took forever to just get the slightest bit hard. I wake up with a clear mind. Gonna stop counting days now. This is now my new life and my new lifestyle. I may count every month, but not every day. Also on day 2 of retention. I truly feel better. I'm so happy. Thank you so much everyone who has continued to support me through all of my many many.....many relapses over the last year or so. So happy to finally have a good streak. Ready to achieve even more in the months to come. Huge thank you to @Gabe Deem I first saw Gabe and his videos a few years ago. I still go and watch his YouTube videos today. His success and journey inspires me so much. Thank you for all you do, Gabe. Love y'all.