Lost in life due to porn


It has been around 8 years that I have been facing this problem related to p*** I've got a dictate since I was like 12 years old now I am 23 but still addicted to bond it is not helping anyhow my means my education is not that good go in my concentration is very focus is not I don't know what to do with my life I am confused currently passing my PG but still I am confused very much I don't know what to do it my life most of the time I use watching p*** continuously for a day still not enough for me I am just continue watching p*** nothing I don't have any friends no female friends because you know that in that you have in social life when you go through p*** it makes me in your time when I speak to anyone else going social gatherings but still I am fine I am trying to my best I too I think I need a friend who can understand you know this kind of problem when I am from this country which you are useless you can understand what kind of use this country my country uses 89% of Internet usage is understand what you say this my country have this is a very serious problem right now here but nobody acknowledges this some of the sides are banned in our country but still people are registered nobody acknowledge that they are addicted but just they are because this is a tab so nobody wants to talk about this but still I think in your friends I feel like I should tell them but I am not sure what to do when this is kind of Tabu and you know social conditions we are go through everyday I don't know where to going my career I am not sure about anything but still I want to do something have this confidence into that I was I will do something good in life and I want to do something kind of social work but still pursing my PG agriculture and trying to do my best status running today starting new goals from today I hope everything goes fine you have happy


Your thinking will get clearer as you stay off porn...once you get through withdrawal. Are you exercising? Socializing? Meditating?