Long Rebooters Please Read


Hello, I'm one of ya'll. Thats my story. 4 years into this and I feel like I'm about 80% recovered. But that is still not good enough. But I learned somethings in the past year that were an eye opener. First couple of years I was up and down, third year I did better and then the 4th year it all stalled even though I was not doing PMO. I was really scared because I did not feel like I was healing and I went stale. In my mind I thought I was screwed. Then I had a bout with kidney stones which turned out be a blessing. I was taking Prilosec for 20 years and it eventually dried up all the acid in my stomach and had to have a Dr's intervention. When I quit the Prilosec my stomach went to producing acid again and my brain hit another gear on the recovery front. I went to having headaches like crazy and I knew my brain was trying to recover. My body was not getting the nutrients it needed because my stomach was not breaking down my food since I had no stomach acid. Basically I was male nourished. Once my body started getting the nutrition it needed it began the recovery process again. I view the headaches as a good thing because my body is healing. Then I hit another gear in February when I began taking nutritional yeast. Which provides many of the natural occurring b vitamins and amino acids. I follow Dr. Berg on Youtube a lot. Def recommend. Now I"m having morning wood again. Pretty good erections 80% id say. I think you have to be completely sober too. No smoking or drinking of any kind. I'm not out of the woods yet, but I do feel like I am getting there. 4 years of this bullshit. Nutrition is a big key. If your body does not have what it needs it won't recover. 47 year old here. PMO, coke, crystal, pot and alcohol in my younger days. Now I'm trying to fix it all. Be sober and be vigilant. Check your nutrition. Follow Dr. Berg on YouTube. He teaches you how to be healthy. Stay at it guys. Curt.


Glad to hear you're doing better and better. Nutrition is really important as we age.