Can someone w tech knowledge help me?


Hi Everyone.
I have a tech fiancee uses Bluestacks on his laptop to play a game. This let's him play the mobile game on his laptop. Essentially, it lets your laptop act like an android cell phone, u can download and play mobile games that u can't play on a computer.
I recently looked on bluestacks, went onto his Google play store to see which apps are installed. Then I went to Apps Not Installed on google play store- I found POF and another app called Text Me: Second phone Number. This one shows 50 MB, POF shows 101 MB.
Apparently 101 MB equals being able to send and receive 100 emails, including attachments.
My questions for all who would know: why would they be there?
Are these apps there from years ago when he was single and looking for a partner?
Or has he downloaded them and is Uninstalling/installing them? If they were deleted would they show up?
I dont understand technology well enough to get know the facts, what is the reality of this.

I met him 3.5 yrs ago on POF, we deleted our accounts eventually, years ago. POF does not show up as not installed on my phone, it doesn't even exist in my Google play history, installed or not. In the beginning we had been on other sites like Tinder and Badoo, I do not see those on bluestacks, nor on my phone. So why is POF and thatText Me app showing up as not installed on his bluestacks? Why the heck are they there?
I haven't looked at his cell phone yet to see if the same stuff shows up in google store on his phone.
Also, when we had been of POF years ago, the app had the fish logo, the one I see on his bluestacks is peach colored w a black P. I checked online, it is POFs new logo.

He had a history of camming and sexting, i had found out he had been sexting a women throughout the first 6 monrhs of us being together. He deleted everything, his stance is that "that is in the past", that he has zero desire for any of it anymore.
at one point we had accountability software on his phone, but never on laptop. I never found any nefarious activity and eventually didnt renew the software.
Over the years i havent been able to make significant strides in learning to trust him. His actions and past sexual history along with my general trust issues w men have really interfered w healing.
He is quiet and secretive, has never been 100% open, (we suspect he has aspergers-high functioning autism). He is in his own head alot. I recently discoveted that he had begun flirting w a fellow game player on his online game which he spends most of the time on. Private messaging within the game, he wrote playfully to her and joked about playing naked twister and started bragging about his jeep. To this day he doesnt see it as flirting, and will not agree that it is innapropriate behaviour while engaged to me.
sorry this is so long, wanted to give some extra info to help w my question.
Thank u so much in advance 😊


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I would say your last paragraph is the only one that matters here. Still continuing to sext with another woman after being in a relationship with you is a red flag. Some here call it cheating some don't. Really it needs to be your definition if it is or not. having flirty conversations about playing naked twister with someone does not mean he would actually do it. I will admit here and now I have done such things online with old friends and my wife knew about it and could not have cared less. She knew it was never going to happen. But the relationship I share with my wife is quite different than most relationships. There is no jealousy or trust issues going on. In the end you and him seem to have very different views on what is acceptable behaviour in a relationship. Never mind trying to figure out the tech aspects here. Have a talk tell him what you feel is acceptable behaviour and if you guys can't meet in the middle somewhere than their is no relationship