The Power of Will (for change)



Another try,
another mindset.

This time, it seems like... I'm more conscious, as in "I'm more observant of all that's going on inside and outside of me", and, also, that I now am beginning to have *power* over these things. Both internal and external. A change of perception, an upgrade to my core, and here I am, seeing, thinking, doing, feeling different. I now am grasping the one rudder directing my sense of control over myself and my life more firmly, and here I am, more present in the moment that I have been in quite some time.

What is the fuel that propels my boat forward these days? one may ask. What has changed, if anything?

---> Will. My will, is different. I'm finding I have more power over my will, and that I can more consciously will things into existence. *This will certainly help me on my new NoFap journey*. <----

Also, a quick search on Google, looking for definitions of the word "Will", proved interesting :

  1. "the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action."
    • "control deliberately exerted to do something or to restrain one's own impulses."
    • "a deliberate or fixed desire or intention."
    • "the thing that one desires or ordains."

So how, more practically, has my force of will evolved over time to reach a "different" state now?

Well, one major difference lies in what I do with "intrusive thoughts, images or feelings" when they do show up : whereas I used to just try to ignore them, I now actually consciously reiterate, with *presence*, my *will* not to partake in these intrusive thoughts, AND i also envision my reality/life free from the addiction I'm thus *actively* freeing myself from.

It's a process.

And I'm confident I'm working on something important.

Counter is 5-days-free of Porn.
4-days-free of MO. But I'll be using that no-porn counter as a no-PMO counter altogether from now on.

Later. 💪