New journey again day 1


This time round

1. Quit porn.
2. Quit sugary carbonated drinks
3. Get back to football training
4 gym
5. Start up a business


Day 6

No PMO, no drinking soda, had sex on day 2 and 3 but the sensitivity was reduced though I was able to ejaculate . My erections were fairly hard .still have some pain from my hip surgery but pray it receivers and get back to football training

I didn't take the soda my it was Infront of me and I'm proud of my self , I know if I can control other things I like then I know I'll be able to control my urges for porn

Though currently I haven't had any urgent to watch porn


Day 16

No PMO, I have morning wood , no strong urges to watch and do . Sensitivity not yet back to 100 percent, have strong erections though, some how I have delayed ejaculation but able to ejaculate.