31 days REPORT-On the way to the NEW LIFE.


Hello!  ;)

My first success report, today is my 32th no PMO day. I can compare myself now(no PMO) and before. Greatest benefit i see now is OVERCONFIDENCE. I am surprised that its only my 32th day and my confidence is ALREADY SKY-HIGH. I am interested what it will be after day 90. My concentration is deeper, my responses are swift. Memory improved itself also greatly.

I suffer small toothache and headache but i am sure these are related to changes in my brain because no PMO. I had same issues before my last relapse and after i relapdsed they disspeared. So i am sure that they will disspaer after my brain will REBOOT itself.

WHATS most IMPORTANT now i see my PROGRESS and BENEFITS these i acquired from NO PMO. I won't REPEAT same mistakes with PORN addiction anymore in my LIFE and  I am so eager to be sucessfull now.  I am walking through way to the NEW LIFE.  8)