This is the end. I am quiting cold turkey now, for the rest of my life.


I fapped 3 times today and looked at porn. I went to bed at 4am and only slept a few hours, for the third time during the begining of the holidays.

Since the begining of my fight against PMO addiction, I made tremendous progresses. I went from jerking off 30 times a month and looking at porn 10 times a month to jerking off 5 times a month and looking at porn every there and then.

Somehow, it became okay for my brain to do that. I mean, even with 5 PMO session per month, my life is still much more awsome than it was before.


I gave it a lot of thoughts and porn and masturbation holds me back in every area of my life.

It is not only useless but also harmful.

Based on that fact, I decide to never, ever look at porn ever again until the very day I die. I will not ejaculate except in the situation of a sexual intercourse with a girl I desire sexually.


No. Because I came to some other conclusion. My whole lifestyle has to change.

How the fuck do you want to quit fapping and looking at porn if you spend all your day on the internet, not doing sports, not taking action to improve your life?

There are so much measures that I want to take that I can't list them here.

Now I'm goint to eat a good meal, practice martial arts, work for school, go to bed early after reading a good book.

Life's changing now


You're the man! Keep in mind small changes make the difference