The 'Side Effects' thread..

I have been PMO free for 4 days & 21 hours now but I must say that boy have I got headaches!
They are like intense pressure headaches - the pressure is like my brain is expanding against my skull!!

Im hoping this will subside as it well and truly sucks at the moment!

As well as this the below side effects seem to be occurring:

- tingling teeth
- body aches, particularly RSI pains in my right hand today at work, I had to stop using mouse and use my Wacom pen/tablet instead
- cloudy itchy eyes
- feeling like a zombie / extreme tiredness
- feeling more peckish / overeating

Anyone else had anything similar?


I don't think I have had any of those issues at all, though the last couple of days I have noticed a bit of lost focus at around lunch time that remains with me for a bit of the afternoon, but it could be me taking Ginseng and Omega 3/6/9 Multivitamen, hoping to help reboot faster and kindle my libido.  Since March 20, I basically have only PMO'ed 3 or 4 times, but none since April 1.  I seem to recall this happening in the past with Omega3/6/9, so I will probably quit it.  Truth is, you only want Omega3 anyways. 

Um, now in the interest of disclosure, since we are all different:
-37 years old, looking at porn most of my life, however Internet Porn really since about 1997 and "tube sites" only in the last 10 years or so and only "fapping it" a lot the last decade or so.
-Since 2010 or so, I have been cutting back/trying to quit, not because I knew anything about PIED, just because I felt it was wrong, so maybe that is part of the reason I am feeling fine. 
-My problem is that I can get it up with my girlfriend but it goes away soon after and it isn't super hard. 


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Exercise, good food, exercise... did I say exercise. nature walks, socializing all will help with what you describe.