4 day reboot?


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So my rebooting history is this: 15 weeks ago I started considering reducing porn use but hadn't read YBOP, just read an alternative book on DE. I decided to go gradually, as I had overcome a fast food habit going gradually. So, over then next 13 weeks, I gradually tapered down the porn I used. First I turned off sound (so that it wasn't multisensory and therefore was less immersive), then I used older videos to reduce novelty (i.e. ones I'd regularly used before), then down to softcore, then to just fantasy, and I tried without fantasy but couldn't finish (though I got close). There were a few more steps along the way than I've detailed and several relapses.

After having thoroughly read YBOP at the end of last year, I decided to quit PMO entirely as my new years resolution this year. I didn't really want to quit that badly until the sixth. Since then, I've had one relapse on the eighth, so I've only really gotten to day four of no PMO. This morning, I had really strong morning wood. This had been missing mostly since I got serious and I'd been flatlining and had noticed improvements in flatline prior to today, though it didn't fully go. Due to this, I considered that my flatline improvements and morning wood were good enough reasons to test MO without fantasy. To my surprise, I managed to finish (after about 15 minutes and only using a faster speed than I would be able to with a woman).

I would admit that the subject line is slightly misleading, because I did do a three month taper and I haven't had successful PIV yet, so it's premature to say it's a reboot on day four, but I thought it was interesting enough to post, no?

So what do you make of this? Is this crazy lucky or not? Do you think I should have skipped this morning's fap?

As an additional note, I would say that I'm likely to be a fast rebooter to this particular stage. I didn't use internet porn until I was almost 19 (so not during adolescence) and I am still only thirty, so I'm kinda in the younger old guy category who should recover fastest, except that I have little experience with real women, so I suspect rebooting to successful PIV will be more problematic.

Anyway, is this unusual?


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I do think you should have skipped the morning fap yes but I do very much understand the need to test it out. To be honest, the only proper test is with a live person, you are very much wired for your own touch and keeping on doing it will not help rewire your brain to a living person.
I suggest not MO'ing again for a while but if you dont have an SO atm I can definately understand the desire to do so.
Good luck with the reboot!


The reboot process for each one is different. And it is wise abstain any "testing" (PMO or MO) till you are fully out of it.
Be sincere and enjoy the journey. Good luck to you!