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Hi I discovered NoFap a while back and knew it was for me.

So I had a bit of ED but the main issue for me was Delayed Ejaculation and I want to fix this.  I find it hard to orgasm through sex but I can orgasm by hand.

So I tried NoFap I did 100 Days with out and then I saw a slight improvement but I didn't get the results I was looking for so I am disappointed.
what do you suggest to help me get there and how long do you think this could take?


Hello there. From what little I've read, nofap doesn't really have a strict set of rules. explains that "most" choose not to engage in things like masturbation, edging, and porn viewing, but say it's up to you how you proceed. So I'm left to wonder what your 100 days looked like.

If you spent a lot of time, for instance, edging to porn fantasies, that would probably be counterproductive. So was it 100 days of what they call "hard mode" or 100 days with a lot of liberties taken? Also, how long ago did you do the 100 and how have you handled things since (watching porn again, fantasizing, etc?)

There's no set time frame for when it all comes together. 100 days is awesome and I'm eager to see how much I've improved when I get there, but I've seen some stories talking about over 100 days and still improving. The best advice on the issue seems to be to just hang in there and be patient and realize its a process rather than something with a finish line.


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hello I did pretty much 100 days NoFap "Hard mode" staying away from all thinks porn, sex and orgasm.
I pretty much stay porn free now days and find it fairly easy to keep away from it, it don't seem to have the same sort of attraction that it used to have on me as much.  And I know the negative effects that come with porn.

But I still feel like I very much need to fix this Delayed Ejaculation.  Want to ejaculate through normal sex PIV.
I'm on a quest to get my brain back to normal.
I think Im going to aim for 120 days hard mode next then take things from there.