**Accountability Partner Requests**


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I need a partner too. I’m 66 and embarrassed that I’m having to start over. But I’ve never had an accountability partner before and I hope that will help.

Oby Obert

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I'm looking for a partner to help me battle this addiction. I've been trying on my own for some time but no success, been an addict for about ten years now. Contact me if you're interested thanks in advance


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Hello, I'm 25 and I need an accountability partner. My best streak has been of 14 days but can't seem to go past that. I've tried to let go of porn numerous times but have failed. I'm feeling frustrated and depressed, life doesn't seem to go anywhere, need help.
Hello, I too am 25 soon to be 26. I too am suffering from the last 6 to 7 years. Will be great to connect.