**Accountability Partner Requests**


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Hey guys,
I am Justin and I'm 23. I'm looking for some help through an accountability partner. I desperately need it because I can only do so much fighting on my own and because I'm my own worst enemy.


I'm Julian from Germany and I'm looking for an accountability partner.
I writing with each other about our progress every day can help us to stay away from porn for a longer streak, than if we are trying it alone.
Maybe we can write via whatsapp or can skype from time to time, because a more personal contact is more binding that just writing via a forum, I think.
Need an accountability partner that is active and willing to help. http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=9388.0
Please please please help me, im 20 years old, not suffering from PIED


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Just going to put it out there that I could use an accountability partner. I've been working on this for a while and have had some good streaks, but always seem to be unable to follow my own rules.

I would love to find someone who has experienced some success and would be able to pass along some wisdom - I'll try to share what I have learned as well!



I could really use an accountability partner. My thread's here..http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=9603.0
i've just been several days successful but Im willing to help as much as I can.
I am a 23 year old medical student and volunteer firefighter who might be now 7 months in dealing with what might be PIED (but certainly a degree of ED). I would really appreciate to have an accountability partner so that both of us could hit each other up and provide support when needed. If anybody is interested, please hit me up via PM!

Thanks a bunch, looking forward to meeting you, accountability partner!


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Need a well educated partner to help me rid myself of a plaguing PMO addiction, longest i made it was 65 days. I've lost a lot in life due to this.


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Hello I seek for accountability partner to support each other in that long and dark journey... I would like to find someone who is active and supportive. Pm me.


Looking for an accountability partner with whom I can share my experience, provide constant updates and help each other during moments of failures and  accomplishments. Link to my thread is below.


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What I'd really like is someone who would be willing to text me so that I have someone to reach out to right away when temptations hit. As of right now, I only have my parents (super awkward) and I can't always talk to them about what's going on due to shame. If anyone's interested in helping me out, I'd much appreciate it. Here's my journal:


And please send me a private message if you'd be willing to exchange numbers and help me out! Even if you aren't willing to give out your number but are willing to be an accountability partner on this forum, I could use all the help I can get.
Hi, I'm having a hard time getting my reboot back on track and I'm looking for an accountability partner. Here is a little about me:

-my journal: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=9240.0
-27 year old male
-Been rebooting on/off for a few years and have had some success improving my sexual function
-No friends and almost no relationship/sexual experience
-I enjoy gaming (SC2)/lifting weights/reading
-I live alone
-Having trouble resisting the urge for porn and having even more trouble improving my social life
-I feel like my ED problems are partially caused by anxiety, so sometimes I let myself think that porn doesn't matter; then I regret it
-I'm trying to find a new strategy to help me stay on track, I'm hoping having an AP might be helpful


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Hi, there,

I (28) am working hard on my first attempt on Nofap (day 6). Talking to someone who knows what this feels like would be a nice thing :) I am from Germany, so if you are from another time zone or a native English-speaker, please do not wonder why i answer at unusual times or in a not-so-perfect English :)

so... if there is someone searching for an AP ... here I am!



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Anyone in the US that would be willing to exchange numbers? I need someone I can text or call when things get hairy, and I can't get to many in person meetings due to a busy schedule. I'm 22 years old and have been struggling with this since high school, but recently things have come to a head in a rather dramatic fashion. This addiction has interfered with my life so much that it has even made Mom think I hate her because of how I react to her whenever we get near the subject. Any help would be much appreciated, just send me a message on here!


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Hi all- I'd like an accountability partner if anyone needs one. I'm friendly and supportive!  :D. I'm a 26 year old and happy to help!

Here's a link to my journal post:




Looking for accountability partners. I am active and will most definitely read your journal daily.
Positive and happy person as my nickname suggest.
I am male, in 40 days I will be 30 years old.
My best attempts were 45 and 31 days without porn, masturbation and orgasm. So, I have plenty of experience.
Feel free to check my journal and write ( I have just started one ) http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=11643.0 and I will most definitely return the favor.
I don't mind having multiple accountability partners. Actually, 5 is ideal. I can keep up with it and it will prevent me from writing allover the forum and thus spending way to much time online.

I don't care from what part of the world you are, as long as you are willing to read the stuff I write. I am from Europe if that means something to you.

I will be writing about the stuff from life in general, not only about the addiction. So, I don't mind reading about your success and habits at all :)