**Accountability Partner Requests**


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I am looking for an accountability partner?someone I can share my thoughts and experiences with. I want a serious one?someone who can provide constructive feedback and support. I will give you constructive feedback and support too.

My situation is different from most of you. I'm not trying to reboot to have a better sex life. I don't have problems with sex, aside from the fact I don't have it. I am almost 30, no girlfriend, no job (though I have few sources of income), no social life (as I want to live as much away from society as possible). These are no problems to me though.

I have many goals. I want to be a better trader. I want to go to Law school. I want to do pickup arts. I want to have a bulkier body. However, days and years pass and I don't seem to be accomplishing much. I blame it partly on my lack of motivation, partly on lack of resources, partly on distractions and inefficiencies in my life, partly on my lack of consistency in maneuvering towards my goals, and partly on porn and masturbation which take a huge slice of my time.

I can update you daily about my situation. I also hope that you do the same. Please be sincerely willing to help me as I will do the same thing for you. Waiting for a response.

There's one thing I'd like to ask though: you may be doing in life better than I do BUT do not act as if you know better about managing my own life, as I don't have patience for such arrogance. I'm not looking for a mentor, just an accountability partner.

If you're willing to have this accountability relationship with me, please send me a msg.


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I am Kevin and am 2 days old on reboot nation. I am in really need of an accountability partner whom we can journey together until my full recovery. Please DM me


Hello! I am looking for an accountability partner. I have tried half-heartedly to quit porn before but want to get serious about it. I've worked a lot of jobs helping other people and am going to graduate school to be a counselor in the fall, so I'm definitely into helping someone else on their journey as well.

Let me know.


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Hey guys! I'm looking for an accountability partner

I'm a med student who is into self-development, meditation, sports, bike travel, music and more.

Ideally we could whatsapp, voice message at first to get to know the minimal basis: our common objectives, and we can take it from there to have the upper hand on our life. :) :)

I think: 1+1>2

Message me on +33788137550  ;)


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Hi my name is Mzk. I need an Acccountability partner to keep me going in this process of Reboot.
Hello - long time porn addict here. I have tried in the past to quit with no long term success.  I am hoping this time will be different if we go through the process together.  I would love to say 6+ months from now that my journey to victory over this addiction began on August 1st 2018.  Anyone else up for the challenge? I also posted in the journal section...I am new to the site and just saw this thread


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If anyone is looking for a partner I think I would be open to that.

You can get a feel for my situation and seriousness of the topic by searching through my post history & my current journal.

PM if interested.
I would like to have an accountability partner for the upcoming period of time. I'm trying to reboot for a while now and I find that some kind of help from a third party works like a charm. Send me a PM if you are interested in helping each other out!


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Hi Everyone, I am new here and please I need an accountability parter who can walk together with me through the reboot process, I promise to be of assistance in any way possible to get rid of this addictive behavior and to live life to the fullest.


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boxfit421 said:
I think this is a great idea and will be highly beneficial. Im looking for a partner, ready to motivate and inspire my partner as well as getting the same kind of help!!
I'd like to partner with you


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I'm 26, I've had the problem of ED due to PMO addiction of almost five years, I'm in need of an accountability partner so we can look out for each other. But the only clause is you've got to be so hungry and desperate to quit and come out of it as I am now. The last time I fapped was yesterday, lost my self esteem and relationship due to ED, hopefully want to fully recover before I get married.
Donald said:
boxfit421 said:
I think this is a great idea and will be highly beneficial. Im looking for a partner, ready to motivate and inspire my partner as well as getting the same kind of help!!
I'd like to partner with you
Hello, I?m looking for an accountability partner to work with voice notes on iMessage or WhatsApp. Basically my idea is we just get a ongoing conversation using voice notes rather than email or phone calls per convenience. I?m pretty analytical and would match well with someone who?s the same.  The idea is that talking about porn helps keep it in focus so your goals don?t slip away. Pm me if interested.


Hi guys. I'm also looking for an accountability partner.

I live in England but through Whatsapp or Viber we can help each other even if you are on the other side of the world.

Because of time differences it can be tricky to catch each other at the same time, but that's where the voice messages come into play. If anyone is down, contact me on +447731920128.

Best of luck to all.


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Hey guys, I am looking for an accountability partner to help through this journey with together, I am 27 years of age been on this for 5 years & want to quit really bad, longest period I've gone is 94 days & 92 days last year, I am getting there however back now to shorter quitting periods. I'm highly motivational, I'm a sales manager at work & train people & motivate, I have a lot of other fields in my life going really well however when it comes to women & my sexual game it's completely low, it took me a long time to come & search for help however the problem has grew up & on for too long. If you are ready to go to war & motivate the hell out of each other & share wisdom & tips to become proper men on the other side, msg me I am very interested to hear from you.

Keeping each other accountable will be great & learning about each other & pumping each other to remind ourselves of what is on the other side.


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I'm new to the fourm, but I need a partner. I am a male age 22 and have struggled with Porn & Masturbation since I was age 13. I've tried many things, but nothing seems to be working for me. If anyone can help, please let me know.


Hey man. I'll be happy to help. I'm trying to quit also. It's difficult as F. But I've never tried an accountability partner.


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Hi friends. I hope you are doing great. My name is Martin. I am a new user and I am looking for an accountability partner. Thanks.


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Looking for a serious accountability partner. Please PM me if you're looking as well!

I'm ready to eradicate this addiction once and for all - thanks a lot!
Hi. I am looking for a serious accountability partner. I have recently joined the forum and want to seriously remove this menace from my life. If possible, we can connect over Telegram or mail(Even texting on this forum is fine.). I am from South Asia. Thank You