**Accountability Partner Requests**

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**Accountability Partner Request Thread**

What is an "accountability partner?" = Accountability partners are pairs who hold each other responsible for their sexual habits - someone who commits to supporting and following you along the process of rebooting.

Why get an accountability partner? A few reasons...

1) As the forum grows it will be hard to keep track of everyone's journals. If you are busy, having a partner will keep things fast and simple. The days you have more time, you can venture off into other journals of course, but if you have a partner you can easily give consistent support and help each other, without becoming overwhelmed by numerous entries.

2) Giving/receiving support during the reboot process is highly beneficial, and if you can consistently do so that is even better. Knowing there is someone who is in this reboot process with you can be very calming and soothing. Knowing you are not alone is very helpful, and it is the truth.

3) You will have someone to relate to. Someone who understands some, if not most, of what you describe during your reboot, and who will be trucking along Recovery Road with you, cheering you on when times are bad, and celebrating with you when positive steps are taken.


1) Partners will post IN EACH OTHER'S JOURNAL, or if needed through private messages. This is very important, as your reboot account will remain all in one place, and the forum will not be broken down further into smaller, not as active sections. Ask for a partner in this thread, then once you have one, follow each other's journals and post there!

2) The main forum rules still apply in accountability partner posts. We will be positive and supportive and not push anything on each other. To review the rules go here: *FORUM RULES*

3) You can have more than one accountability partner, but PLEASE avoid doing this unless you are sure you have enough time to be of help to multiple people. The last thing a rebooter needs is a partner quitting on them halfway through their reboot and leaving them feeling abandoned. However, if a situation comes up where you no longer can be a partner (we all know life happens), please let your partner know so they can come back to this thread and request another partner!

4) If your partner relapses, do NOT shame or criticize. This will do no good. Instead offer advice or a different perspective of looking at the situation. Tough love is all right, a personal attack is not. If you have offered all the advice you can give and they keep slipping, you don't have to say anything, just be there for support and reassure them that they can in fact, recover, as many others have before them.

5) Encourage each other to learn as much as possible about this addiction. When you learn something new on this site or YBOP, share it with your partner. The more you know, the better the advice you can give your accountability partner. The better understanding you have of how porn can re-wire and actually numb your brain, hopefully the less desirable porn will become (as happened for me). Then you can come up with a plan of action. In my experience, knowledge is power for rebooters.

6) Just post a comment with a few things about your situation/life/reboot status and request a partner. But first go through earlier comments and see if anyone needs one.

7) After you get a partner please "modify/update" your request post at the top saying you now have a partner. This will save people time who are searching for a partner.

Keep it simple. We are ALL in this together.

Thanks and I hope the best for everyone,

Much love,
Reboot Nation!
Am 33, married and have a newborn.
Main motivation for stopping porn is my newborn, want to be at my best to help sur succeed in life.
Porn addict for over a decade,I need an accountability partner if anyone interested. :)


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I have been trying to quit porn for probably 6 - 7 years. I recently got married but i do not have sex with my wife. I spend endless hours on porn even at work.

Lately i've noticed that i have no motivation to do anything and also i think about porn even more often than before. I know my personality is changing for the worse and i am really hurting my wife and our marriage.

I am at the point where i do not even know whether i have what it takes to give up this addiction.

Please help.
Freedom you have what it takes to give it up.
Porn is really harmful for you man. My life is changing since I stopped porn, am now able look at a girl straight in the eyes.
Porn made me aggressive towards my wife and MO'd tired me.
What reason you don't have sex with your wife though?


I need an accountable partner.
34y, male, currently is not in USA.
It is my 2 weeks non-fap, and my first goal is 120 days no PMO.

I am struggling with addiction for past 15 years. Now I wish to succeed and quit it for once and all.

Kindly encourage and provide support for me.

Feeling highly depressed and sad at the moment.

Thanks in advance.


Dear all,

I am now realizing that it would be a smart move for me to ask for a buddy here. If anyone is keen to buddying, I would appreciate.



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Looking for an accountability partner. I am 30, married. I would prefer to have a partner that has a significant other that is aware of their addiction. Just so we are all on even terms. Look forward to hearing from you.
If you are looking for an accountability partner, I am too.  Please PM me if you are interested.
I am married & in my 30s.
My first goal is to go 90 days - PMO free.

Looking for a buddy on this, I am on day 1.

I am 32, not married but with a fiance.
I am still on the beginning (sixth day) of a new no PMO atempt and it is getting really hard for me. I would appreciate any help I can get. If anybody can be a partner I would be thankfull.


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I'm 32 & have gone 1 week so far. I've gone as long as 2 weeks previously but wind up relapsing.

Recently broke up with GF and now want to commit to rebooting. Really would be valuable to have someone to chat with.


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I'd like an accountability partner, but one that I can call to his cell phone in case I'm near relapsing (and he can call me too), so I'd prefer someone near my timezone. I live in Spain.

(A spanish AP would be perfect, if there are anyone from Spain apart from me)


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Hi all,

I'm 39, married with a three yr. old son. I think I'm ready to partner up with someone. I just posted my initial journal entry though I'm about 40 days into the reboot process. If you feel like you might be a good match, hit me up with a private message.


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Almost 30-year-old who is looking for an accountability partner to help me get through this addiction. As close to rock bottom as I am willing to get. Someone to talk to on a regular basis would be great.


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I'm 31 with a wife and a 2 year old son.  I've been addicted to porn since I was 13 yo and have been battling with it ever since.  It's time for me to beat this thing for good.  I'm coming up on 2 months sober but I could use an ally to fight alongside me to make remission last.