**Accountability Partner Requests**

Hello, I am a 30 year old man struggling with porn since very young. I have worked with a therapist and have improved in controlling my urges as well as stopping once I have started. A few years ago I hit rock bottom and was unable to work or go to school and spent hours of my days watching porn. I am ready to have someone that will hold me accountable so that I can jump these last hurdles and quit completely. Thanks for everything.



I could do with a partner please. I am doing pretty well this time but a bit of extra support would be welcome.

I'm 34, married, I have a son and another child on the way. I've been trying to quit for years and things have got very bad for me with days wasted on porn. Now I have really admitted to myself that I have a serious problem and am taking lots of positive steps to quitting.

I'm a pretty easy going guy and would welcome the chance to support someone else though this difficult process.



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Hello-  I am in my mid 30's and am married.  I have been using PMO since highschool and started seeing some of the negative effects (PIED) when with my wife.  It has slowly become more of a regular occurrence over the past couple years. I was very excited to find YBOP and this site to help me understand what was causing these issues (I think I knew the problem in the back of my mind all along but didn't understand the science)  Reading the forums and learning about the destructive consequences of excessive PMO have given me hope.  I am very excited to learn there is a solution and I can fix my problems.  I am 14 days into my reboot and feeling pretty good so far.  Looking for an accountability partner who is in a similar situation to share support and advise during the process.

Please let me know if you are in the same boat and would be interested in being an accountability partner.  Thanks, 


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I am looking for an accountability partner, preferably around same age and reboot goals as me
35yr, male, single
my goal is 90 days but might be longer - depending on if ED/PE is cured
i am currently on day 15 of my reboot and still going strong!

PM me if interested!


Hello. New to this and trying to quit my addiction. Have been watching porn pretty consistently since my teens. I am currently 30 years old, married, and my wife knows everything to the point that we are separated and she is on the brink of leaving me. I need all the help I can get to get myself in a better place and be a better man. If anyone feels they are in a similar situation, maybe we can help each other. I know I need it.


Hey guys.. Already has a journal : http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=5097

Available for accountability partner, so we can help each other and find answers in our struggles.



Hey guys. Ive been on Reboot Nation for about 19 days now and working this recovery hard. That being said, we cannot do this alone. I am ready for an accountability partner. Someone in the US who doesnt mind checking in via messaging. Not even sure how it would work but it would be nice to have someone to reach out to when the going gets tough.


Hi there,

I'm 39 yrs old, married, no children. I live in the Netherlands. Watching porn on and off  for 13 yrs now. When on it's disturbing my busy life as a comsultant, PhD-student and husband. I'm trying to quit, but didn't succeed in my first attempt to be abstinent for 90 days. I failed at approx. 55 days, I guess. Now I'm trying in smaller steps, 30 at a time.

I would like an AP and be an AP for someone who's interested.

Regards, Matteo

Hi I'm 32 yrs old married with 3 kids and have been trying to quit for nearly 4 months. Longest stint I've had off was 35 days then minor lapses but now I feel I'm back at square 1 and don't feel strong enough to do it without accountability so please get in touch I could do with the help.



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Hey I'm also 32, father and husband. Been on this site for a while but maybe a partner could be one more piece of the puzzle I need. Message me if interested.


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I'm 33 years old, have a wife, and been watching porn since Im teenage.
I have failed couple of time, I think becouse I don't have Accountability partner, so here Iam, need one.
Pm me, I'm from Indonesia.

Thank you.


18 months ago I quit drinking and doing drugs and undergo therapy

9 months ago I found out that I have addiction problem mostly with pornography (and with masturbation as well)

decided to quit and quickly found out that this is the hardest battle in my life

managed to have 23 clean streak but mostly I found out in 5-7 days cycles (then going back to relapse every 1/2 days, and then after few weeks going back to decission and starting over)

my defence mechanisms were strony, even now I'm being delusional about "this is not huge problem for me, and I don't see downsides"

however my life hurts, my GF left me and now I'm sure that my mood is affected with guild, mind-fog and lack of motivation when I'm on active addiction

whatever it takes I decided to crush first two weeks and then go for full 30 days and quit my pit of despair

Looking for accountability partner. My journal starts here: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=6334.0


I'm a 32 year old guy, who has been married for about 6 years. I had my porn addition since 2002, but didn't care much to cure it. Actually I didn't even bother to acknowledge it as a problem. I tried quitting once in 2014, but I was not serious enough, and I was able to convince myself that it's not a problem and "everybody does it." So, I resumed doing it after a month or so. This time I'm trying to make some real changes in my life, and become a better human being, for myself and my family. I'm doing some reading, some thinking and none of PMO. The last time I masturbated was on 14th July 2015. I'm not counting days, but instead trying to make some real changes in my life. My goal is overall improvement of wellbeing focused on outlook towards women, concentration, time-management, stress management, and to have a more fulfilling life. I'm looking for an accountability partner who is motivated and has similar sort of goal. I will be available to support you in tough times, and would love to receive the same when I really need it.

I have started keeping a journal here: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=6579.0


Hi everybody!
I'm a 34 man struggling with PMO addiction since when I was, about, 15. I joined this forum three days ago, and I'm in my third day of reboot, this is a struggling battle, but I'm sure not a thing like this can be done alone!

Searching for an accountability partner! If you're interested, please message me in private!

Here is my journal: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=6736.0

My goal? 365 PMO free days!  :)


I would like an accountability partner and I am more than willing to help out several brothers in need. If you want to be my accountability partner, I recommend you read my journal first (at least the first post) so that you understand my view on recovering. If you agree, or you want to learn more about my philosophy, then let's help each other out! :) I'm in the Central European Time zone if that's relevant.

On a separate note; If anyone in the younger forums (teens or 20-29) needs an older, maybe more experienced, forum member to help them out, I'm available, but I don't know if this is a thing on this forum? If not I think it should be... If anybody knows then let me know!
I am 38, single gay male and an addict to PMO for around 20 years. I have attempted a reboot several times over the past couple years but want to make this one stick. If anyone is interested in being an accountability partner I would love that. Thanks!
34 yo PIED on and off for years
Making a serious effort to quit now.
I have a job that can be very demanding, which makes it more difficult.