**Accountability Partner Requests**


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HI everyone,
I am 30 years old,single, addicted since 14,
realized it before as well, but somehow wasnot persistent with it.
will be happy to go through this with someone else!


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Hey everyone. 36 year old married male looking for AP. 3 days into reboot, looks like I finally found a path that makes sense to me. Thanks!

Update: found an AP!



I'm 10 days into my reboot. I'm mid 30s, married, trying to have kids and my DE is kind of getting in the way of conceiving.

If you're interested please PM me or reply to my journal on http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=11320.0 and let me know your journal.

Bob the baker

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Hi all. 38 yo guy in ireland. Looking for an accountability partner in ireland uk or europe. Please get in touch. Its 7th dec 2016 today.



I'm 31, UK, need an accountability partner.

My journal is here reply there if you want http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=11547.0

I'm on day 17 of reboot
Just had a relaps into P substitutes today
Need to work more intense w this forum
Was traveling and moving about so didn't manage to take the time to properly read and write here hence the relapse. Looking to work with someone on a regular basis and have mutual support.


Looking for a new accountability buddy here.
I'm 36, gay and have been addicted to PMO for around 4 to 5 years.
Nt worried about sexual preference, anyone wants to chat then DM me.


Hey all,

I'm 31, married with 2 kids and looking for an accountability partner please, as I want my life back.
I've posted my brief story about my journey till now, and looking forward to growing and getting my life back.

Please PM me if you're keen to help.



35 years old, single, made it to 44 days before started again this month.

Would like an accountability partner as none of my friends take this seriously.

Am from UK
Straight 32 year old male in a relationship.

Chronic problem. I've tried to kick the habit several times. Looking to shatter this completely.


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Hi I am 32 male , single Andi have been addicted to porn for almost a devade, I am currently living in Japan and I need a accountability partner , there may be some chalnages due to different time zone. I am also committed to supporting my partner if he needs to,I am looking for contacting several times a week and when in need, if some one lives in Japan is on this forms it will be perfect, but if not it's not a problem. Looking forward to start my recovery plan. 



I would greatly appreciate an accountability partner on this forum. I am in Australia but am open to other time zones. I am 36 and married with children. My main area of addiction has been to sex chat rooms where I roleplay. I have started a journal as of yesterday.

If you are interested in becoming my accountability partner where we can support each other in our journals and through private messages, than please let me know.

I am 36 and I am thinking my ED is porn induced. Well my case is even interesting coz I also have gay feelings too yet I am married-so it is hard to pin point what the cause is. Whenever I have sex with my wife, when the drive is low I would fantasise about men and I would get to work but now even that does not work

I saw this site today and I am starting off my definitely long journey.

I jacked to both gay and straight porn two days ago (multiple rounds, 6 to be precise)-I was in a hotel room with a lot of time and access to internet.

Last night I tried having sex with my wife without success. I could erect but never maintain the erection after penetration. I failed twice and gave up, inwardy embarrassed.

It is almost five years since I had my first failure to erect during sex but is has not been as flat as last night. I have been taking long to erect but finally erecting and having sex though the erections have been comparatively weak.

Before then I have had super good erections that would never go away until I cum and would go as long as I wanted. I am one guy who even came more than once during one round of sex because I would recharge immediately but now I can only get erect when I am watching porn or adult talks or stories.

Due to what happened last night, I  decided togoogle for help and that is how I got here.

I know I have a very long way to go but I am willign to take the journey. I am aware in my case there are many issues that I need to single out one by one in the process. I know the gay feelings, pornography and masturbation are the issues and I believe they are about my mind (coz I started developing gay feelings after marriage).

I have underwear fetish so I look on the net for pictures of men in underwear especially built men. I have a fake facebook account where I do this with ease. I have been taking pics in underwearand posting receiving a lot of admiration on facebook. I also have gay friends whom I whatsapp with sharing adult talks and videos.

I live OK, I eat well- I do fruits alot. I sleep less due to work but in general I am OK. I work out daily-sometimes at home, and other times at the gym.

I need someone for purposes of accountability. Just be open with your progress.
I am pushing on...
On 21st I watched a mild jerk off video a friend sent me. On the same day I had an unplanned mutual wank session where I came three times.
I have closed down the facebook page where I saw adult pics and of course I consequently lost the friends there.
Am still determined.
I am aware I got a very long way to go but I will take it one step at a time, one day at a time.


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30 year old based in Sydney, Australia
About to embark on a hard reboot journey.. and would very much like an accountability partner.

Let me know if anyone is still looking for a partner. Thanks


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Hey Goodlucklumu,

have you found a suitable accountability partner already buddy?

Let me know if your still keen to find one and we can perhaps partner up.


Vardan dont give up, keep fighting it. when you hit a flatline what do you do, just keep telling yourself, this is not an option, i mean watching porn is not an option and 2 call your accountability partner if you have, 3...keep avoiding anything that may trigger it, 4 this is a conscious or delibrate battle, You must be deliberate about avoiding and overcoming this, dont allow it to win. Sometimes the temptaion or urge wil just come on you suddenly but please register it in your mind now that its no go area. just dont do it, let something take your attention, if you spend time a lot online watch funny videos on youtube or watch some movies or etc dont just let the devil have that idle time, cos he will quickly fill it up again with the desire for porn. dont give in bro.


I need an accountability partner that is based in nigeria if possible. i am a male of 37yrs married with 2 kids and wifey does not know i have this challenge. this is my 10th year. pls send me a pm.


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I tried this before a few years ago and it worked out pretty well until i made the mistake of purchasing a FL after 3 months of success. Still regretting.  If you are serious about rebooting but find yourself unable to hold yourself accountable, lets get started Im ready.

I am 37 and have been battling porn addiction since 1995, do the math.  I am in a relationship(going on 7 months), sex is great (for her), it stays up but i have yet to orgasm in the 7 months ive been with her, crazy right?  I would prefer buddying up with someone also in a relationship or in a similar predicament.