**Accountability Partner Requests**



I am looking for an accountability partner to start the reboot today. Last time i managed to do 30+ days before i relapsed.
I am 35, with 8 years of pmo. Anyone interested or also in need of an A.P.?


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I'm a 67-year old guy with a relatively new porn and P.I.E.D. problem. I didn't start watching heavily until my divorce about two years ago. When I lost my "adult supervision" and got my own place, it was just way too easy to go on my computer and PMO for hours and hours at a time, sometimes not getting to bed until 5 a.m. or so, and then having to call in sick for work. I had an accountability partner until about six months ago, and our relationship was very helpful to both of us. But he finished his reboot and moved on, totally understandable. Since I've been without an accountability partner all summer, I've slipped back into my unhealthy habits. I would welcome anyone of any age to p.m. me and see if we can help each other out.

Thanks very much.
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to team up with an accountability partner to support eachother. In 2015 I recognised that I have an addiction. I have made significant progress since then but finding an accountability partner is the next stage. You can read about my journey here: http://legacy.rebootnation.org/index.php?topic=10090.msg105000#msg105000

What I would expect from an accountability partner:

1. Take over admin on my filtering softwares. This is just to ensure I don't change the passwords.

2. Also, if I could ad them as my accountability partner on my Fortify program so they can see my 'battle tracker' i.e see my progress.

3. Communicate with eachother on a weekly basis to see how we are getting along (if you need more often then weekly that's fine, we can figure out what suits us best). 

If you would like to team up with me please PM me and say a little about your journey so far.


UPDATE: I opened up to a close friend about my recovery and he is now my accountability partner. I am not looking for another accountability partner anymore.


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I am Viper, male, 36 yo. Not married, singe, recently dating someone, mutliple long term relationships that ended due to loss of interest in the other partner after porn use. I am now going through rebooting, resensitising myself to real partner and relationship.
I'd appreciate occasional chats here with someone who likes to share and want to share advice and happy to provide my views as well.



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Viper18 said:

I am Viper, male, 36 yo. Not married, singe, recently dating someone, mutliple long term relationships that ended due to loss of interest in the other partner after porn use. I am now going through rebooting, resensitising myself to real partner and relationship.
I'd appreciate occasional chats here with someone who likes to share and want to share advice and happy to provide my views as well.


similar perspectives I know aristotle, amb single 37. Still looking?


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I'm looking for an accountability partner to exchange experience and encourage each other.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Partner request:

Male, 35, single, and dating. Here because of PIED the last 5 years, PMO rebooted 3 days ago. Not really that heavily porn addicted, it was just more something to do, got dumped 1 month ago, due to i changed, and she didnt love me anymore.

Could use a partner to talk to, and would like to help someone else :)


Hello brave men. I am looking to begin my recovery from porn one day at a time. I'm 37 and think accountability partner(s) would be a good step towards my goal. I love helping others. I'm honestly a rather normal guy, struggling entrepreneur, musician, and raised from a good loving family.
I've been addicted to internet porn for over 15 years. Though I haven't had any ED issues, I am beginning to believe that my addiction to porn HAS fundamentally rewired my brain into seeking out and failing to find an unconventional sex life. I never wanted to be controlled by anything, but I am starting to see how big of a problem this really is to my motivation as an entrepreneur, rejection of less than perfect partners, and incalculable waste of time escaping to porn on whatever screen that is available. Like many others my addiction from the age of 12 has gotten progressively more pervasive and what I seek out has become progressively more extreme.

I'm sharing here in order to find a partner to relate with.  Most recently I've decided I'm not monagamous. I had one swing partner and decided after that that novelty of swinging was something I required in my relationships. Not such a great 3rd date conversation... I've gone to sex clubs on weekends and gangbang parties cause I was seeking that novelty. My last relationship probably ended in part that whenever I was aroused, she was asleep and I would go to the bathroom or other room to watch porn. My therapist told me that I wasn't addicted.  I disagree and therefore want to commit to a reboot to see what kinds of positive and empowering changes such a change from my routine would make. Dm or message me if you're interested and we will take this journey and share to heal. I start my reboot Monday 8/20


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Hey folks.

I'm looking for an accountability partner if anyone is up for it. I have been rebooting since 2014 with varied success. Its helped dig out a lot of my life and set me on a better path. But over the last year I have been stuck in a cycle of relapse every 1-2 weeks and recently its got really bad. I just cant seem to break the cycle and get back on a good firm streak and break the shackles I seem to be putting on again.

So if anyone wants to assist, i'm happy to return the favour!


I?m really having a hard time with this. And I?d like an accountability partner to help me get and stay on track. Please message me if you?d like to discuss that.


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Anyone in Asia looking for an accountability partner? Not a requirement for me, but similar time zones would make it easier!
(Needs to be gay or gay-friendly!)


UPDATE: Found!

Hey, 32M, currently sitting at 7yr relation with my SO. Struggled with PMO addiction for ~10yrs now? Ugh. Hate admitting that.
looking for accountability partner to  talk to now and then.


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Hello everyone,

I'm 32, male, brazilian and this is my second attempt of quitting porn.

I started a few days ago but the addiction was the winner yesterday, but this made me aproach this addiction in a diferent way, I hope my effort works this time.

Maybe if you and I help each other we can overcome the issue with time, effort and suport.

I'm feeling much better already, expressing myself with someone that have the same goal!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Days without porn: 1 day  :D
First goal: 120 days  ;D


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My name is Keith. I have had success with abstaining from porn in my past by going on a 2 year and a 1.5 year subtlety. I currently don?t have any strong accountability partners in my life. I prefer someone who is willing to be vulnerable and talk to me through text or by calling whenever either of us is close to relapsing or beginning to understand what triggers both of us to look at porn. I want to take this very seriously because the past 5 months have been hella difficult, and my porn addiction has continued to get worse. I?m starting at 2 hours sobriety right now. Message me, contact me, if you are in need of a serious accountability partner that is willing to be open and vulnerable.


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Hello ,

I am looking to try an accountability partner this time since I am not going anywhere with my progress in rebooting.

Please message me or on my journal if you would like to be my accountability partner.

I am going to rely on messaging in this forum / website and not outside of here.



Update: Accountability partner found

Hey there fellow rebooters,

I am currently looking for an accountability partner in hopes that our mutual empathy will give us more momentum to leave this addiction in the past. I definitely could use the empathy and support, and I hope that I can provide the same thing to someone else suffering from this painful disease.

Please let me know via PM if you would like to pair up with me.

Thanks in advance


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Hi, im a 32 yrs old, gay guy form Costa Rica, trying reboot for the third time.. this time im confident and absolutely motivated but I wanna be as supported as possible. I am really empathic and would make sure we both feel strong enough to keep us on this detoxing, rebooting track! If you would like me as an accountability partner write me a PM.


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Hi there.

I?m a 37 year old man who has just joined this forum today.
I?m on my 5th day of no pmo and I?ve been addicted for over 20 years.
I?ve only recently admitted to myself I have a problem hence why I made this bold move to reach out.
I?ve tried to do this on my will power for years due to my own pride and denial of the consequences it was having in my life; after doing my own research for sometime it?s really hit home how destructive this problem is; I really need a accountability partner,
If anyone would be interested, it would be much appreciated